Lokas in Hinduism | 14 Lokas in Puranas

According to Hindu Religion, the entire universe contains 7 upper and 7 lower worlds and it is created and controlled by Lord Vishnu.

The details about the 14 worlds are mentioned in ancient Vedas, Puranas and in many other sacred texts.

According to legend, the humans would reach the respective lokas based on their past karmic deeds, and those who have done good karmic deeds, would reach the upper level of Lokas, like Swarga Loka or Satya Loka. Hence it is advisable for us to do good karmic deeds in this birth, in order to avoid taking rebirths.

The various lokas are as follows:

1 Satya-loka
This is the loka of the creator, Lord Brahma. Only superior demi gods would reside in this world, and they are entirely controlled by Lord Brahma.

2 Tapa-loka
In this loka, great divine gods are residing.

3 Jana-loka
Here the great sons of Lord Brahma and the child sagesSanagadhi Rishis are living and worshipping Lord Vishnu.

4 Mahar-loka
In this world, great rishis are living.

5 Svarga-loka
Here Lord Indra is living along with the 33 million demi gods.

6 Bhuvar-loka
The Nine planets and the millions of stars reside in the loka. The great Vishnu devotee, Lord Dhuruva is residing in this Loka.

7 Bhu-loka
The earth also known as bhoolokam, and we are living in this earth.

8 Atala-loka
In this Loka, a form of Lord Shiva also known as Bhairava is residing along with his consort Mata Bhavani.

9 Vitala-loka
In this loka, a certain type of demons known as Yakshas are residing, and they are more powerful than that of the divine devas in the heaven.

10 Sutala-loka
In this loka, the great demon king Sri Mahabali is ruling his kingdom in a prosperous manner.

11 Talatala-loka
In this loka, devas also known as Dhanavas are living.

12 Mahatala-loka
In this loka, demons, with a shining appearance are living.

13 Rasatala-loka
In this loka, divine serpent Vasuki is living along with other serpents.

14 Patala-loka
Here the serpent king Adisesha is living.

Let us worship Lord Vishnu and be blessed.

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