Lalleshwari’ devotion to Lord Shiva

A Kashmiri pandit girl named Lalleshwari is popularly known among the Hindu devotees and pilgrims plus the followers of Hinduism as an honorable girl who left her marriage in order to follow or take up the devotion and dedicational sanyas.

It is to be noted that she personally left her personal life largely behind in order to to become the student of the Shaivite guru known as Siddha Srikantha. Later she prolonged it as the spiritual tradition of Kashmir shaivism called as Tirka.

On the other hand, she is considered as the Kashmiri yogini by the Hindus of this particular region.

According to the Hindu religious scholars and pundits, “Lalla’s greatness lied in sharing her experience through her yoga practices and common man’s language. She was clearly called as the evolution of human being in the theory of nada to give up all worries and greediness in life.” This particular statement gives value for her life and work related to Hinduism and her devotional and dedication attachment towards Lord Shiva.

During the 13th century, she with much enthusiasm and spirit taught all the people of this region regarding how to lead a simple living and practice non-violence and thus she came to be known among her followers as Lalla Arifa among the Hindus and even muslims.

According to the local legends, she was the initial person among all the saints and legends who advocate medical spiritualism. A sect of Hindus also considers her as a form of Goddess who came to earth in order serves the people.

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