Kumara Brahma Temple, Alampur

Kumara Brahma Temple (Kumara brahmeshwara swamy Temple) is one of the Navabrahma Temples located at Alampur. Navabrahmeshwara Swamy Temples is a group of famous Temples. Alampuram also has the Ashtadasha Shakti Peetha Temple of Jogulamba Devi.

The style of construction of this temple approximates to the other Nava Brahma shrines. There is a row of seven heads, carved on the halldoor frame of this temple, of which the significance seems to be lost to us. The pillars of the porch of this shrine have detailed intricate carvings.

Important festivals celebrated at Kumara Brahma Temple..

The most well known even of the city is the car festival of Sri Ajaneyaswami, which is celebrated for eight days from Margasira Suddha Triodasi, which usually falls during November-December, is one of the most important festivals and is also well-attended. Devotees celebrate Dasara Navaratri and Shivaratri as main festivals.

Other Temples Near by…

Brahmesvara and Papanatha are the 2 groups of temples on either side of Alampur.

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