Krishnashtakam MP3 Download, Vasudeva Sutham Devam MP3 Song

Krishnashtakam, a popular prayer of Lord Krishna, is here to download for free in MP3 format. The stotrams goes like “Vasudeva Sutham Devam Kamsa Chanura Mardhanam….” It is widely chanted on Sri Krishna Janmashtami. Chanting this stotram makes the devotee free from all his sins and clears the way for salvation.

Download Krishnashtakam MP3 song for free

The above links were deleted due to copyright violations by the source URLs. is looking for the official website or the official link to download it. Once we get it, we’ll publish it here.

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  1. Navin Nirad says:

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  2. Manorath says:

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  5. Angad says:

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  6. Yema says:

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  7. Lavanya says:

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  8. Huma says:

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