June 2013 Hindupad Magazine – Download for free

June 2013 Hindupad Magazine

June 2013 Hindupad Magazine

June 2013 Hindupad Magazine has been released. You can download it for free through provided link. This is the first issue of Hindupad’s monthly online magazine which is free to circulate, distribute or share.

Creating and publishing the devotional magazine is our humble effort to promote Sanatana Dharma.

This month’s issue has various sections and articles.. Some of them are..

Unique Temple of the Month – Bal Hanuman Temple, Jamnagar in Gujarat

In second section we have the story of Birth of Goddess Lakshmi, Lakshmi Devi Janma Vrittantha in “Vrittantha” section.

Gayatri Mantra and its significance is explained in third section of “Mantras – Stotras”.

Monthly predictions of June 2013 are provided in fifth column along with the Auspicious Marriage Muhurats in June 2013.

10 Richest Temples is the special story for this issue.

June 2013 Hindupad Magazine

June 2013 Hindupad Magazine

Hindu Dharma worldwide is the section which gives the articles of Hinduism events in overseas countries such as Temple Bhumi Puja in USA, etc..

Sindhur Dharana, why women wear Sindhur in forehead is given in next category.

Shubha Kaal Pro and Rahu Kaal Pro are the two applications for Android and iPhone developed by Gemstone Universe are mentioned in “Technology” section. Successful Gem Therapy is listed in the next.

In Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah section, the issue about the Cow Slaughter (Go Vadha) is mentioned.

‘Newspaper Vendor from Bangalore walks into IIM Kolkata’ is a special motivational story about a newspaper vendor who has made it to IIIM Kolkata..

Festivals and Auspicious Days column gives the list of the same of June 2013.

‘Rudraksha – The Sacred Beads’ provides the detailed information on origin, significance and religious importance of Rudraksha.

‘The Blind Men and the Elephant’ is a moral story for children mentioned in the concluding part of the magazine.

Please share the download link among your contacts. Feel free to distribute it through Social media networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.. and help the magazine about Sanatana Dharma reach more and more people.

Download the Hindupad Magazine June 2013 here

Sarve Janaa Sukhinobhavantu !!

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