How to choose a career even though my parents don’t allow?

You have already chosen!
You chose a career and your parents don’t like it! And now you are asking me, ‘How to choose it?’
You should be asking me, ‘How to drop a career which I have chosen, which my parents don’t like!’

What is your confusion? Sometimes, you are confused between your hobby and your profession. You like your hobby, such as music or painting. Don’t make your hobby your career. Your parents must be wondering why you are choosing a hobby, which is very good, and making it your career. You should sit and think about it. Okay? Think with an open mind. Don’t say, ‘I have to have it!’

When you choose a career, you should keep a vision of the next five years or ten years. You need to think, ‘How will this particular career that I am taking provide me with a livelihood in the next five years? Is it good for me?’
You need to think objectively while choosing a career.

A hobby is your hearts calling. That you don’t leave. You hold on to it as well. Career through head, hobby through your heart!

Note: It is an excerpt of Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji’s discourse during Satsang of Art of Living.

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