History of Chebrolu Chaturmukha Brahmalingeshwara Temple

What is the history of Chebrolu Chaturmukha Brahmalingeshwara Temple? The legend behind the establishment of Chebrolu Chaturmukhabrahma lingaeshwara swamy Temple is provided here…

The temple was built by Raja VasireddyVenkatadri Naidu. Chebrolu is a  place where several inscriptions relating to  Cholas like Velanadu Chodas were found. It is said that Satyasraya of Eastern Chalukyas sent his army accompained  by his general Baya Nambi to seize the areas of Chalukya Cholas. The general entered Vengi kingdom from the south, by reducing the forts of Dharanikota and Yanamadala to ashes  Later he established himself at Chebrolu.Chebrole is mentioned in yuddamalluni Vijayawada inscriptions.

It was a regional fort for various Empires like Pallava, Chalukyas and Kakatiya, It is said that a great  general called Jayapa ruled Chebrolu during the rule of the Kakatiyas, as Jayapa’s sisters married one of the greatest kakatiya emperor Ganapatideva .  Jayapa also wrote a famous thesis on Indian dance, ‘Nrutyaratnavali’.The remnants relating to Roman Emperor Constantine  are found here which include Terracotta statuette and two coins.

Significance of Chebrolu Temple

History reveals that  God Brahma has hardly no temples due to the curse of Lord Shiva .Varanasi is a place where we can find temple to Brahma coming to south India  it is in chebrolu a temple for Brahma in the form of ‘Chaturmukha’ can be seen.

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