Hindupad ‘Sanket’ for Sri Krishna Janmashtami 2013

Krishna Janmashtami 2013 Sanket

Krishna Janmashtami 2013 Sanket

Here is the Hindupad ‘Sanket’ for Sri Krishna Janmashtami 2013. As Sri Krishna Janmashtami nearing, Hindupad has prepared a ‘Sanket’ which is dedicated to Lord Krishna.

What is Hindupad ‘Sanket‘?

Hindupad’s ‘Sanket’ is a Logo dedicated to each Festival. In more specific way, it is a Hindupadised ‘Google Doodle’-type celebration of each Hindu festival 🙂

This is our idea to interact with our readers in a good way and is an humble effort to promote Hindu festivals.

The image of Sri Krishna is taken from KrishnaFiles.com

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