Hindu way of Living: Religious exercises easy to adopt

God has provided mankind with numerous methods to realise the goal of life,to ensure a smooth journey here and enjoy peace of mind. The prescribed daily religious exercises are easy to be adopted and can be carried out without much effort.

Taking bath early, performing certainminimal acts,visiting temples and paying obeisance to the Alimighty and proceptors are not difficult. Observance of austerities is also not rigid. Still some people do not uphold them,though they are intended for their own good. Some even ridicule them and doubt their validity.

If God is powerful, why cannot He change the attitude os such people and make them pious? The explanation given is that their present behaviour is sequel to their past deeds good and bad and God does not interfere with their course and so. He cannot be described as unkind. A mother will deny a particular item of food to her child who is sickly and by no stretch of imagination can she be branded as curel. She is quite aware of her child’s needs. God is never partial and knows what one deserves.

A verse lists those who will hate or dislike certain procedures which all others acknowledge as beneficial. Noone will refuse to welcome the soothening effect of the cool breeze that wafts during spring. But a jackal will be averse and resorts to its mischief only during nocturnal hours. In the Ramayana, When vbihishana alone strongly pleaded with Ravana to send sita back and save the entire demon race from Rama’s anger, the adamant elder not only chided him buteven used harsh and unsavoury remarks. The wicked will not like same advice. Ravana’s words indicated that his act was going to result in his ruin. Both the scholars, Periavachan pillai and Desika have commented on this verse stressing his unfortunate streak of misconduct.

The Jeeyar swami of Ahobila Math in a discourse mentioned about those who traded a misguided path. There are afew who will not like those who lwad a disciplined life, as adherence to one’s duties will not be liked by them either due to their laziness or their antipathy towards well- regulated habits. Likewise, a thief will regret the rise of fullmoon.

So also, some will be apathetic to learn the value of doctrines in the religious literrature, but will be satisfied eith superficial knowledge, even though the contents will be expounded by brilliant scholars. Their mind is not receptive to deeper knowledge. For their sake,erudite scholars will not descend tothe level of these disinterested men. Devotees should hence follow Divine commands and seek God’s grace and reject the path pursued by some as it will lead men nowhere.

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