Hindu Mahasabha warns – Valentines Day couples will be married off

Hindu Marriage

Hindu Marriage

Hindu Mahasabha warns – Valentines Day couples will be married off.. With ten days to go for Valentine’s Day, Hindutva outfits active in western UP have warned that couples found celebrating the “foreign festival” in public will face a variety of punishments. While a prompt Arya Samaj wedding will be forced on Hindu couples, inter-faith partners will have to sit through a “shuddhikaran” (purification) ritual, the Hindu Mahasabha has said. What’s more, couples caught with roses in hands and those who sit in corners and hug each other at malls and parks will be prime targets.

Talking to TOI, the Mahasabha national president, Chandra Prakash Kaushik, said, “India is a country where all 365 days are days for love, why then must couples observe only February 14 as Valentine’s Day?”

This year, the couples who claim to be in love will have to pass our marriage test, Kaushik warned. “We are not against love, but if a couple is in love then they must get married. In case if the couples claim that they need time to think about marriage, we will tell them that if they are not certain, they should belittle love by openly going around together. We will also inform their parents,” added Kaushik.

Source – Times of India.

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