H H Gagangiri Maharaj Punyatithi

H H Gagangiri Maharaj Punyatithi is the death anniversary of H H Gagangiri Maharaj of Raigad district in Maharashtra. He was a great ‘Siddhayogi’ from Khopoli of the state.

In 2013, H H Gagangiri Maharaj Punyatithi date is February 7, Thursday. It is observed on Krishna Paksha Dwadasi in Pousha Month as per Marathi Calendar.

The age of HH Gagangiri Maharaj was 103 years when he died. His disciples and followers are not only in India but also spread all over the world. H. H. Maharaj had acquired many supernatural powers (siddhis). He had visited almost all parts of India.

H. H. Gagangiri Maharaj had undertaken severe penance by remaining in water. Many leaders and dignitaries used to seek His guidance. He was honoured with ‘Vishwa-Gaurav’ award.

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