Griha Pravesh dates in July 2010 August 2010 – Gruhapravesh dates in Jyeshta month and Shravan month 2010

Grihapravesh or Gruhapravesh or Gruhapravesham or Grah pravesh or Ghar pravesh is the house warming ceremony or moving into new house as per Hinduism. Here are Grihapravesh dates in 2011. This article provides you the list of Grahpravesh dates in July 2010 and August 2010with all details like nakshatra, lagna, amsha, rashi, and Grahpravesh shubh muhurat for the day which is suitable for Gruha pravesham. Click here for details of Gruhapravesh shubh muhurats in May 2010 and June 2010 or Grihapravesh dates in November 2010 and December 2010. There are no Grahapravesh muhurats in April, September, and October in 2010. Here is the table explaining details about the shubha muhurtams of Gruha pravesham in the above months in 2010:

Date Day Tithi Lagna Amsha Time Rasi Nakshatra

Shubh Gruhapravesh dates in July 2010 – Jyeshta month 2010:

1 July 2010 Thursday Panchami Simha Vrishabha 09:35 Kumbha Dhanista
2 July 2010 Friday Sashti Simha Vrishabha 09:30 Kumbha Shatabish
5 July 2010 Monday Astami Simha Vrishabha 09:15 Meena Revati

Gruhapravesham dates in August 2010 – Best muhurats for Grah Pravesh in Shravan month 2010:

14 August 2010 Saturday Panchami Simha Vrushabha 06:40 Kanya Hasta
16 Aug 2010 Monday Saptami Simha Vrushabha 06:30 Tula Swati
25 Aug 2010 Wednesday Padyami Simha Vrushabha 06:00 Kumbh Shatabish
27 Aug 2010 Friday Tritiya Kanya Meena 08:10 Meena Uttarabhadra
28 Aug 2010 Saturday Chaturthi Kanya Meenam 08:05 Meena Revathi
30 Aug 2010 Monday Panchami Simha Dhanu 07:20 Mesha Ashwini

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  1. Pankaj says:

    My name is Pankaj Daraji & My birth date is 25th April 2010. I have purchased new house in this month. What is the best date for Grih Pravesh in this month.

    Kindly let me know.


  2. Selvaraj S says:

    I am planning to do the Grihpravesh in August. My Birth date is 14.09.1969 at 11.30a.m. My wife’s date is 03.07.1975 at 11.30 p.m.

  3. reddivri dwarakanatha reddy says:

    my name is reddivari dwarakanatha reddy and my spouse name is bharathi we constructed house we request for best date form gruha pravesham in the month of august 2010

  4. akanath sahu says:

    My name is Akanath Sahu& My birth date is 20th July 2010. I have purchased new house in this month Jointly with my wife Sujata Panigrahy her dob is 12 Nov 1980. What is the best date for Grih Pravesh in this month.

    Kindly let me know.

  5. vinay paathak says:

    sir ji main 16 august tak ghar prvesh chata hu aap mujy advise dyee.
    mumbai 9321451036

  6. dilip .m says:

    dear guruji, kindly suggest me gruh pravesh mahurat for september 2010, oct 2010

    • naveen.sanagala says:

      There is no grihapravesh muhurat in September and October 2010 due to Bhadrapad month and Pitru Paksha.

  7. archana says:

    My date of birth is 29 june 1969 time 8.45am .please tell me grih prevesh dates after 20 August 2010.

  8. LATA says:

    please suggest grih pravesh muhurat for commercial husband birthday(11/10/1968) and mine (19/9/1976).old house demolished and built on my name

  9. Anirban Das says:

    My date of birth is 25/09/1983 .pls suggest a best date and time of griha pravesh date of shifting our printing press in another house which already existed but renovated slightly fromaugust 16 to 31.

  10. R.S.Negi says:

    My name is Rajendra Singh Negi and the date of birth is 19.06.1964.My wife name is Manju Negi. Please suggest me date for Grah Pravesh after 20th August 10.

  11. dipti says:

    hi,my name is dipti lalji and my date of birth is 26/06/1976 and my husband’s name is bharat lalji his d.o.b is 03/02/1970, could you please suggest us some griha pravesh dates for beginning of septmeber 2010.thanks

  12. Prasanna says:

    my date of birth is December 29, 1964 born in Vishaka Nakshatra.
    Am constructing a house, when shall i have the gruhapravesham. kindly mention the date

  13. Pankaj vyas says:

    I ve purchased a new house can I do the Gruha Pravesh during this Navaratri-2010. If yes kindly give me the suitable dates during Navaratri.

  14. Pankaj vyas says:

    I ve purchased a new house can I do the Gruha Pravesh during this Navaratri-2010. If yes kindly give me the suitable dates during Navaratri.
    My date of birth is 13/10/1966.

  15. Atul Pathak says:

    My name is Atul Pathak and the date of birth is 21.09.1969.My wife name is Shalu Pathak. Please suggest me date for Grah Pravesh after 07.10.2010

  16. pallavi says:

    Please suggest me griahaprawesh dates in jan 2011/feb 2011
    My date of birth is 20/02/1980
    My husband’s date of birth is 29/12/1976

    our flat is in pune .

  17. neeraja says:

    Sir, we have purchased a house and wants to do gruhapravesham in the month of december 20101.My name is Sanjay Ramini and date of birthis 01-07-1965. nakshatra is pushyami 2nd padam.please give us the suitable dates.

  18. venkat says:

    we are planning to do gruha pravesha in AVANI 2011…can you suggest us good dates during AVANI 2011

  19. Usha Azad says:

    Sir , i have purchased a new house , could you please suggest me the shub muhurat dates in december for grih pravesh, my date of birth is 8th november 1957


    IN THE YEAR 1965,WHEN WAS AKHAY TEEJ/AKSHAY TRITIYA?? I was born on 04-05-1965.Regards

  21. Hena says:

    My DOB is 3 sept 1975.
    I want to do grah pravesh in AUG/Sept 2011 in mumbai
    Can you suggest a good date .

  22. Akash says:

    when is grah pravesh muruth in july 2013

  23. Shineyu says:

    19 Aug muhurats for griha pravesh in nashik

  24. Oja says:

    muhurat for griha pravesh in august by best yoga nakshatra

  25. Meghavini says:

    could you do a havanfor grah parvesh in august

  26. Sahishnu says:

    griha pravesh muhurat in august 2013 at bhiwadi rajasthan

  27. Bryn says:

    subh muhurat in the month of august for hruh pravesh

  28. Pusan says:

    move to new house in ashwini or karthika masa best month

  29. Shivli says:

    ganesh ji visharjan mahorat 18 sep wednesday 2013