Goddess Padmavathi on Hanumantha Vahanam

Goddess Padmavathi on Hanumantha Vahanam on 11 December 2015.. As a part of the ongoing annual Karthika Brahmotsavams, on the serene evening of Friday, Goddess Sri Padmavathi Devi dressed up as Lord Sri Rama with bow and arrow in Her hand, mounted on the mighty Hanumantha Vahana blessed Her devotees at Tiruchanoor.

Service to the Lord is so intimate that He offers it to only the most trustworthy souls. The right example for this “Dasya Pravrithi” is none other than the great and strong yet humble Hindu mythological character Lord Hanuman who dedicated his entire life in the service of Lord Sri Rama.

Hanuman stands tall as a right example of Dasyam means surrendering totally to His master or Lord. By riding on this vahanam, the Goddess taught her devotees that “Dasya means not to serve the Lord directly, but to serve those who serve Him. Our aspiration should rather be to serve the servants of the servants of the servants of the Lord, stretching our humility as far as our realizations will allow.

A true servant of God finds joy in serving the servants of God. So great is the pleasure found in the effort and sacrifice of such service.

Thousands of devotees converged to catch the glimpse of Goddess in Lord Rama Avatara on the mighty Hanumantha Vahana.

TTD Chairman Dr Ch Krishnamurthy, TTD EO Dr D Sambasiva Rao, JEO Sri Pola Bhaskar, Suptd of Police Sri Gopinath Jatti, CVSO Sri Nagendra Kumar, VGO Sri Raveendra Reddy, Spl Gr DyEO Smt Chenchulakshmi, temple staff and devotees witnessed the celestial procession.

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