Garhwal Parsuram Temple near Dehradun allows women & Dalits, Snaps 400-yrs old tradition

Now, Garhwal Parsuram Temple near Dehradun allows entry of women and Dalits. Parsuram temple in Garhwal’s Jaunsar Bawar region has decided to snap its 400-year-old tradition by allowing entry to women, Dalits and stopping the practice of animal sacrifice here.

The announcement from the temple’s management comes at a time when debates around restrictions placed on menstruating women from entering Sabarimala has been raging across various platforms.

Quoting the chairman of the temple management committee, a news report in the Times of India said, the decision has been taken “in a bid to move with the times”.

“This region is on the path of progress. Our literacy rate has gone up and people want scenarios to change,” said Jawahar Singh Chauhan, Chairman of the committee.

Known for its animal sacrifices, the temple has also said that there will no more be slaughter of animals of any kind. The temple, which was built over 400 years ago, sees the largest footfall among temples of the belt. Thousands offer sacrifices here before making a wish, or after they feel something has been granted to them by god.

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