Five Qualities needed to reach God

Five “adjustments” are needed in our personality to reach God. They are in the nature of preparatory exercises which should be attempted by each one of us. These are: freedom from pride and infatuation, conquering the vice of attachment, dwelling constantlyin god, complete disappearance of desires and remaining unafected by the pairs of opposites such as pleasure and pain, joy and sorrow, love and hatred and name and fame.

Those who possess the above five traits will attain the Supreme being and the unchangeable state of bliss. These requirements were enunciated by god himself to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita.

Having described the real form of the world tree, Lord Krishna in his message said that this deeprootedone should be felled by the sharp sword of non- attachment. This formidable weapon of detachment of dispassion should anable an aspirant to avoid developing attachment towards children, to wealth and to the world. Such a person should also be strengthened by a resolute bent of mind towards the supreme self and sharpened again and again on the whetstone of the practice of true descrimination. Then he should seek for and know the abode of god.

The one who has reached this goal will never return to the world. He seeks refuge in the primeval person, from whom has emanated this beginingless flow of creation. The one who desires for the cessation of this worldly thirst for enjoyment should surrender himself to chat Lord and worship him with pure devotion.

Swami Chinmayananda said in his discourse that in his bond state, a mean wrongly identifies himself with his perverted ego and tries to Lord over the phenomenal world. The evil that makes men tethered to worldly activities is attachment, such a person will lavish his effection, on his children but to a distant relative, he would not show the same wormth of love.

Dwelling constantly in God can be experienced by reading scriptural lore, at least a few verses daily. Those who reach the goal should avoid desires because the same will arise one after another and are hence endless. Joy or sorrow should not toss such a persons up and down. Desires having fled from him without leaving any taint behined, the undeluded should reach the goal … the Lord’s abode.

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