Famous Veerashaiva Temples to visit

The remote village named as Basava Kalyana is the birth place for Veerashaivism. It is situated in the district of Bidar in the state of Karnataka.

Bidar region was once a capital city of Chalukya dynasty and king named Bijjala successfully ruled this area in the 12the century.

  1. Kudala Sangama is location for Basavanna samadhi. It is located in the district of Bagalkot in the state of Karnataka.
  2. The birthplace of Basavanna is situated at Basavanna Bagevadi in the state of Karanataka.
  3. A silent village next to Basavanna Bagevadi is Ingaleswara. It is to be noted that it is the birthplace of Basavanna’s mother.
  4. The pontification throne of Revanaradhya happened in Shrishaila that is located in the state of Andhra Pradesh. This place is popular for famous for Mallikarjuna temple. On the other hand Akkamahadevi had an unsurpassed dedication, devotion and love towards this deity that is expressed in several of her Vachanas as directly evidenced by her insignia named “Chann mallikarjuna”.
  5. The Samadhi of Channabasavanna is situated in the village named Ulavi that is approximately 75 kms from Karwar.
  6. The Samadhi of Siddalinga Shivayogi is located in the village named Yediyur  in the district of Tumkur in the state of Karnataka. It is to be noted that he was great sharana who belonged to the 15th century who also successfully rekindled the veerashaivism and rejuvenated its strict and unique philosophy.
  7. The Samadhi of Shivayogi Siddarameswara is located in the town of Solapur, in the state of Maharastra.

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