Famous Mutts in India

Here is a list of few Famous Mutts in India.

Shri Uttaradi Mutt is one of the important Dvaita Mutts established by Sri Madhvacharya and organized by his disciples Padmanabha Tirtha, Jayatirtha and their successors. The Uttaradi Mutt is an important Mutt for the Madhvas and the Vaishnavas. The Uttaradi Mutt has been preserving the Sanskrit manuscripts. They are also teaching the Vedas, providing food to the poor people, giving education aid to the children, and celebrating the Madhva Jayanthi in a grand manner. Uttaradhi Mutt, along with Vyasaraja Mutt and Raghavendra Mutt are considered to be the three main institutions of Dvaita Vedanta.

Kashi Mutt is a spiritual organisation followed by Madhwa Saraswat Brahmins. It is one of the ancient Madhva mutts which were established during the 16th century. And the head-quarters are situated in Brahma Ghat, Varanasi. Kashi Mutt followers are living in Mumbai, Goa, Udupi, and some parts of Kerala and Karnataka.

Shri Gokarna Mutt is one of the Goud Saraswat Mutts of the Dvaita order, a system established by JagadguruMadhvacharya in the 13th century AD. This muttis also called PartagaliJivottama and is headquartered in Partagali, a small town in South Goa, on the banks of the river Kushavati.It was established by Shri Raghuthama Theertharu of Uttaradhi Matha.

Gaudiya Mutt is a Gaudiya Vaishnava mutt founded in the year 1920. Its main purpose was to spread Gaudiya Vaishnavism, the philosophy of the Vaishnava saint ChaitanyaMahaprabhu, through preaching and publishing.

Belur Mutt is the headquarters of the Ramakrishna Mutt and Mission, founded by Swami Vivekananda, the chief disciple of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. It is located in Belur, West Bengal, India and is one of the popular institutions in Kolkata.The temple is praised for its architecture.

Kanchi Mutt is a Hindu institution, located in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. It is located near Kamakshi Amman Temple, along with a shrine for the Advaita Vedanta teacher AdiShankara. It was founded by Sri AdiShankara.

Shri Gaudapadacharya Mutt is located in Kavale, Ponda, Goa, is the oldest mutt of the Smarthan Saraswat Brahmins. It was founded by Gaudapada before 1300 years.  Gaudapada himself had established the Mutt when he lived in Goa. Thus, the mutt was known as Shri Saunstan Gaudapadacharya mutt.



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