Everything happens for our own Good

It is correct that everything in our life happens only for a reasonable purpose, and it always occurs for our own good. If were collect the past incidents in our life, we may feel how the great almighty had saved us from many problems in our life. And with some of our past bitter experiences, we can try to correct ourselves in our present life.

As per ancient legend, Dhruva was the son of King Uthanapada, who was the son of Lord Manu. King Uthanapada showed more love and affection on his second son, and began to ignore Dhruva, due to that, and after getting the permission from his beloved mother, the young child Dhruva went to the forest and performed meditation on Lord Vishnu, and got good boons from him. After he returns to his kingdom, his father has realized his mistake, and crowned him as the king for his kingdom.

After successfully ruling his kingdom for several years, Dhruva had become a bright divine star and he is still shining in the sky and blessing his devotees. All these were happened in his life, due to the neglect made by his father at his young age. Since he was rejected by his father, he performed penance and acquired a very good position in the divine world. Likewise, whenever we suffer from any problem, or when we consider ourselves as inferior from others, we should not worry for that, and instead of that, we should seek the help from the god. Definitely god would give a suitable solution for our problems, and would lift us in our life, and also would make us best among others.

Once there lived a King and he had a wise minister. The minister used to regularly tell to the king the nice proverb, “Everything happens for the good”. One day the King met with a small accident and one of the fingers in his hand was removed. When the king met the minister after the accident, that time also, the clever minister said “Everything happens for the good”. The King was very much angry with him and commanded his soldiers to put the minister in prison. At that time also, the minister again told the same thing to the king, “Everything happens for the good”.

The next day the King went for hunting, and in the forest, he was caught by some man heating Tribal people. When they try to kill him, they noticed that one of the fingers in his hand was amputated, and hence, they set him free. Then only the King had realised his mistake and after returning to his palace, he asked his minister to apologize him. But the noble minister calmly told, “If you have not thrown me in prison, then I would also come with you in the forest, and since I don’t have any defect in my body, they would have definitely cut me into pieces and would have swallowed me”.

On hearing the words of his minister, the king was very happy and awarded him lot of gold coins, and also praised him. Hence from the above story we can come to the conclusion that “EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR OUR OWN GOOD”.


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