Effects of Moon in 8th House (Chandra in Ayushya Bhava)

Effects of Moon in 8th House, Positive Effects of Moon in 8th House, Negative Effects of Moon in 8th House..

Positive effects of Moon in 8th house

When Jupiter, Saturn is in House No. 2, Rahu and Mars will be beneficial and there will be excellent results of inanimate objects of Moon and Moon will become fully alive.

When Mercury is benefic he will have a long life of 80 years and will not die as long as his mother remains alive.

When Sun or Venus becomes benefic it will yield favourable results.

When Mercury is in House No. 2 and Jupiter is in House No. 9 or 12 it indicates a longer life of parents and favourable results from Moon.

Negative effects of Moon in 8th house

If there is a well near the ancestral house it will bring losses and hardluck. When Mars, Mercury are Rahu Ketu Saturn are malefic, marooned after 12, 24, 48 years of life will give a troublesome period.

The domestic life will be unhappy and maternal relations will be uncomfortable. His character may be shady and will cause troubles to in-laws and children.

When Rahu Ketu Saturn are in House No. 3, 4 there will be disturbed relation with parents and loss of ancestral property.

When Venus, Mercury, Saturn become malefic it is unlucky for his health and children. When Mercury and sun are malefic he will have a poor life till the age of 34.

Eighth House in Horoscope

This house indicates the death and longevity of the individual. It also represents his material prosperity, mental wellbeing of the native.

The angry nature, chronic disease, longevity and death are indicated by this house. Read more about the Eighth House.

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