Effects of Moon in 5th house

Positive effects of Moon in 5th house


When Mercury, Sun is in House No. 2 and 3 and Mercury Venus, Rahu Ketu Saturn is in House No. 9, 11 all planets will give favourable effects. When Ketu is in House No. 6 it will be favourable to him and he will have 5 sons. If House No. 9 is blank Moon will be dormant. He should consume some sweet food before going out for any work for profitable results.


Negative effects of Moon in 5th house


He will be a person of rash temper which can destroy his life. He cannot keep secrets. If the person is selfish it can lead to his downfall. When Moon is polluted there will be unfavourable results of House No. 3, 8, 10 and 12. When Sun is in House No. 10 or 11 he will have a short life span. When Mercury is malefic he will get destroyed because of his own loose tongue.

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