Effects of Moon in 4th house

Positive effects of Moon in 4th house


When Jupiter is in House No. 6 the native will get ancestral property and gains in business but the borrower will not return loan. When there are 4 planets including Moon in 4th house there will be fourfold increase in wealth. Mercury and Venus will help the Moon. When Jupiter or Sun is in House No. 5 he will be benefited from the birth of a son. Voyages will bring him immense wealth and import export work will be profitable. His wealth will grow with spending. When Venus is alone in House No. 7 he will remain away from opposite sex.


Negative effects of Moon in 4th house


When Rahu is in House No. 10 it can cause head injury. Rahu will be unfavourable for all articles and relations indicated by Mercury. When Moon is conjoined with any two other planets there will be malefic effects of all planets. Even though he might lead a comfortable life if he forgets his deity he will be extremely unfortunate. When Jupiter is in House No. 10 there can be imprisonment on account of false accusation from a person whom he is breeding.

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