Effects of Moon in 3rd house (Chandra in Parakrama Sthana)

Effects of Moon in 3rd house, Positive Effects of Moon in 3rd house, Negative Effects of Moon in 3rd house..

Positive Effects of Moon in 3rd house

When Mercury is strong and Moon is alive he will lead a pious life and be a brave and wealthy man. He will be always victorious and there will be no theft of his property throughout his life.

When House No. 9 and 11 are blank every 3rd day, month or year will be favourable and Venus and Mars will be favourable.

When Rahu and Ketu are favourable he will gain through business of milk and cattle. When Mars is in House No. 4 he will be intelligent, wealthy and brave-hearted.

Negative effects of Moon in 3rd house

The lord of 8th house will be unfavourable or the 8th year of the native will indicate loss of wealth.

If Mars is polluted by Saturn it will lead to his downfall.

When Mars or Mercury and Mars is in House No. 10 the articles of Mars will be unfavourable for mother and brother leading to separation or jealousy but not unfavourable for himself.

Third House in Horoscope

This house represents the courage of the individual. It indicates the physical fitness, his talents, siblings, longevity of parents, cleverness and journeys.

The right ear, neck, throat, shoulders, bones, upper limbs and physical growth are indicated by this house. Read more about the Third House.

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