Dwelling in the Feet of God

Krishna Padapuja

Krishna Padapuja

Most of the devotees would be interested to dwell in the feet of the God, since by residing in his feet, there is no need to suffer from the birth cycles, and also they would get the everlasting bliss of the god. As per the songs of the Alvar saints, “those who dwell at least in the form of a dust particle in the feet of the Lord would get permanent pleasure, and would attain divinity”.

All the Alvar saints contain the features of Lord Vishnu, and they are the divine amshas of Lord Adisesha, Garuda, Chakra and Shankhu. Apart from them, sages like Narada, Tumburu, Prahlada and Dhruva are also considered as the divine amshas of Lord Vishnu, since their each and every body cell chanted the glories of Lord Vishnu and sung in praise of him. But at this present Kaliyuga, dwelling in the feet of the god is very difficult, since each and every second, our mind gets diverted, and every one of us, at some time or other, might think about bad things also, since it is the laid down principle of the almighty.

No one is pure and perfect in this world, and hence at least let us keep thinking about staying in the feet of the god. If we keep on thinking about that, in our next birth, we may get an opportunity to work as a temple priest in the holy temples like Tirumala, Kasi, Badrinath and Kedarnath.

At this present situation, merging with the god is very difficult, but at least, if we serve as temple priests in the holy temples, we could get the feeling of dwelling in the feet of the Lord itself. Famous saints like Vyasaraja had served as chief priest in Tirumala, and he is an incarnation of Bhakta Prahlada. But anything can be made possible through our constant prayers and showing our sincere bhakti on the almighty. If god decides to keep us in his abode, then no one can stop that. Hence let us cultivate more bhakti on Lord Venkateswara, keep chanting his names, and be blessed.


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