Divine Will

Krishna Vishwaroopam image

Krishna Vishwaroopam image

Everything happens in this world based on the will of the god. We are not having the powers to decide our own will. Divine will would be either good or bad to us, based on our love and affection on him. In the previous Dwapara Yuga, Lord Krishna had given salvation even to the demons like Kamsa, Sisupala, Thativakra, Budana and others. Since these demons were thinking only about Lord Krishna, they have attained salvation. Even though they thought badly about Krishna, the great Lord had given Mukti for them.

But we cannot take them as an example and hate the god. All these demons were sincerely serving the almighty in their previous births, and only due to their past birth curse, they were born as demons. Unknowingly if we commit any sins or if we curse the god, and if we beg him to pardon us, then the god would forgive our mistakes.

If we take the example of marriages, for some couple it works out properly, and for some others, it won’t work. It is based on their karmic deeds. We didn’t know about the mistakes committed in our previous births. At least in this present birth, we can try to reduce our mistakes, and can aim for doing good activities like helping others in the form of providing food to the poor and the hunger people, taking care of the holy cows and feeding the wandering street dogs in an affectionate manner.

We can also feed food to the birds like crows, parrots and pigeons. If we do all these kind of good activities, at least to some extent our sins would be reduced. Worrying about the past sufferings would not fetch anything for us. Instead of that, we have to happily accept everything in our life, whether it is good or bad, as the divine will, and must increase our bhakti level more and more in our daily life.

We should be able to tolerate our sufferings by thinking that god is giving more and more problems in our life, in order to make us to remember him always in our life. If anything badly happens in our life, even then, we have to take it in a positive manner, and must never curse the god for our own sufferings.

If a family head dies, then the entire family would suffer a lot, and they would never overcome from their sufferings. At that time also, they should realize that the bad thing was happened, due to the divine will of the great almighty, and must act like a phoenix bird, which would even get life after death, and must start a fresh life, in order to save the remaining people in the family.

Death is common even for the spiritual saints and the divine avatars, since after the specified time frame, they have to leave from this earth. Nowadays lot of students are committing suicides due to their fail in examinations. But that is not the correct way. Most of the students who have failed in their C.A Examinations are still shining in their life, and they are also leading a peaceful and a happy life.

There should not be an end for an aim, if we lose in something we should think that we would win in another. Likewise we have to keep on moving our life like a race horse without turning backwards. This is possible only based on our sincere bhakti on the almighty.The almighty is always mighty, and he is ready to do wonders in our life.


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  1. Sreenivasa Rao NG says:

    exactly my real life happenings are akin to this . I am conveying this looking at my personal experience. I am a super senior citizen