Divine Love Stories

radha krishna HD photo large

radha krishna HD photo large

Instead of reading ordinary love stories from books and by watching of love stories in Cinemas and TV Serials, we can read about the love stories of the popular divine characters like Rama, Krishna, Venkateswara, Nala and Dhamayanti, Indra and Indrani, Satyavan and Savitri, Sakunthala and Dushyanta. By reading the love stories of these pious couples, our mind would never get addicted with lust, but it would act in a best manner. Love stories of the divine people would boost great enthusiasm and interest on them, since we are considering these couples as our Divine parents.

At the present stage of life, most of the teenagers are spoiling and also they are losing their lives due to love affair. Teenage is a most difficult age, and it is also an important stage in our life cycle. Those who spoil their precious lives in their teenage would never come up in their life, and their life would end up with a total failure.

If we read Ramayana in depth, we could know about the wonderful love between Lord Rama and Ma Sita, and first they have developed the love from their souls, and then only physical bondage was occurred between them. Lord Krishna showed equal attention to all of his thousands of wives, but Ma Rukmini is considered to be his best wife. The love story of Krishna and Rukmini is quite a thrilling and amazing one, and at the last minute, the marriage between Rukmini and Sisupala was stopped, due to the interference of Lord Krishna.

Likewise, Lord Venkateswara, a famous incarnation of Lord Vishnu, developed love with Ma Padmavati, in a step by step manner. It was very interesting to read their love story, since in their love, there was no lust. They have loved each other from their heart, and though they have been married with their physical body, but soon after the marriage, they have attained the divine body, and they still love each other. Worshipping the idol of Ma Padmavati and Lord Venkateswara is considered to be a good act, especially for the newly married couples, since these divine couple are leading a happy married life, even after the passage of few thousands of years.

Reading of Divine Love stories would give a soothing effect to our soul, and it also would give good relaxation to our body, and we would also get a great spiritual pleasure by continuously reading the love stories of the divine avatars.


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