Congratulations to Indian Cricket Team on winning World Cup 2011

India the Champion in ICC Cricket World Cup 2011

Congratulations to Indian Cricket Team on behalf of Hindupad and all the visitors of the blog Indian Cricket Team for winning the World Cup 2011. Team India thrashed out Sri Lanka in the final held in Mumbai on 2 April 2011 by 6 wickets and brought back the World Cup to India after 28 long years.

I got an SMS in which World Cup is compared with some incidents in Ramayana. The SMS goes like “India is Lord Sri Rama who married Sita (World Cup) in 1983. During the exile, Ravana (Sri Lanka) kidnapped Sita (Sri Lanka defeated India in Semi Final of World Cup 1996 and won the cup). Now, we have got our Sita (we have won the World Cup 2011 now after the exile) after exactly 14 years.

Congratulations and thanks to Team India for making the dream come true. We were not born when we got the World Cup 1983 and now we have seen it in the hands of Indian Team. We want more such moments from you. Hats Off to Team India!!!

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  1. mamta thakur says:

    thanku very very much. God bless you……………u rockk………………….vande mataram

  2. Suhaib Ilyasi says:

    The great time for us this is the best moment for all Indians.

  3. Sasi says:

    letter of congratulating our team for winning the cup