Chandraprabha Vahana Seva for Goddess Padmavathi

Chandraprabha Vahana Seva for Goddess Padmavathi on 14 December 2015.. It appeared as if the full moon has arrived ten days prior in the temple town of Tiruchanoor, as the Goddess Padmavathi took a celestial ride on the pleasant and glitterati Chandraprabha Vahanam.


In Vedic Astrology Lord Chandra represents brain and mind, emotions, sensitivity, softness, imagination, brightness, serenity and good fortunes.
Chandra is a Sanskrit means “illustrious”. In Hindu astrology, the Moon is considered a planet and it promises wealth and happiness. Chandra was born in the Ocean of Milk, and nearly blinded the gods with his bright, glowing body. The gods unanimously decided to give Chandra the status of a planet and sent him into the cosmos.


Being the loving sister of Lord Chandra, the beauty of Goddess Padmavathi enhanced as she took a pride ride on Her beloved brother.

TTD Chairman Dr Ch Krishnamurthy, TTD EO Dr D Sambasiva Rao, JEO Sri Pola Bhaskar, Suptd of Police Sri Gopinath Jatti, CVSO Sri Nagendra Kumar, VGO Sri Raveendra Reddy, Spl Gr DyEO Smt Chenchulakshmi, temple staff and devotees witnessed the celestial procession.

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