Burn off ‘Bad Karma’ through ‘Rama Mantra’

Lord Rama

Lord Rama

We can easily burn our bad karmas by frequently chanting the Rama Mantra, “JAI SRIRAM”, “SRI RAM JAYA RAM JAYA, JAYA RAM”. By doing that, we could get great mental relief, and joyful tears would be flown from our eyes, similar to the great Rama Bhakta Hanuman. Lord Valmika had attained enlightenment only by reciting the Rama Mantra.

While telling good morning to our friends, we can add the name Rama. Rama Mantra would regulates our blood pressure, and helps for proper breath. Reciting Rama Nama is similar to performing Pranayama, since at that time, we would breathe steadily. Similar to Lord Hanuman, Guru Raghavendra is also reciting the Rama Mantra for a long period, and due to that, he is getting supreme powers day by day, and with those powers, he is helping his devotees to get relieved from their sins.

It is very difficult for us to practice good habits in our life. Practicing bad habits is very easy for us, like getting up late in the mornings, drinking coffee without brushing our teeth and scolding others unnecessarily due to our own personal tensions etc. By reciting the Rama Mantra our Bad Karmas would be burnt and we could get rid from our bad habits also.

Even some Hindus feel that Rama is only a King, and he cannot be considered as a divine person. They can know fully about Lord Rama, only if they completely read the great epic Ramayana. Rama is the one who lived as an example for others. He loved his parents very much, obeyed the commands of his father, went to the forest and lived like a spiritual sage, worried like an ordinary man when Ma Sita was kidnapped by Ravana, and then fought with Ravana and brought back Ma Sita to Ayodhya.

When he left Ma Sita in the forest, due to the rumours of some bad people in his kingdom, he wept like an ordinary person, and ruled the kingdom ofAyodhya without her presence for a period of 11,000 years. During the period, he didn’t get married again, and lived only with the thoughts of Ma Sita. He has controlled his senses, and didn’t think about physical pleasures. That’s why still people are telling, “NOBODY CAN BE LIKE RAMA”.

Even during the time of searching for a suitable alliance for a girl, the girl would tell to her parents,“HEY PA, HEY MA”, please search for a proper person, since, “I WANT TO MARRY A PERSON SIMILAR TO LORD RAMA”.

Hence let us worship Lord Rama, keep him in our soul, and let us pray for the wellbeing of the entire universe and be blessed.


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