Bring Back the Glory of Goumatha

Bring Back the Glory of Goumatha – The experts who are dealing with the promotion and protection of Goumatha (cow) hailing from various states jointly asserted to bring back the glory of the divine animal across the country by organising three day national conference on cow under the aegis of TTD.

On the second day of the brain storming session on “Strengthening of Goshalas and National Conference on Glory of incredible Indian Cow” that took place in SVETA building in Tirupati on Wednesday, the experts felt that there is an urgent need to protect the herbivore from extinction. “India is a land where cows are being worshipped and believed to be the embodiment of various deities prescribed in Hindu Sacred texts. But unfortunately today the divine animal is facing the threat of extinction. To bring back the past glory, a national conference should be organised and the temple administration of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams(TTD)s which is the right oganisation to hold this massive programme”, the experts asserted.

They also said that the conference should focus on the importance of Panchagavya products and their medicinal values. The dairy farmers should be educated on the importance of unproductive cows and should be prevented from sending to slaughter house”, they added.

Director of SV Gosamrakshana Shala of TTD Dr Harinath Reddy, other dairy arm experts, NGOs, veterinarians and others were also present.

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  1. Shiv Sharma says:

    If Gaumata is depleting fast in the country then the country should put up a law, that killing cows or cattle for consumption are Redistricted and those found killing will have to pay heavy penalty for example Rs 20lakhs or more per cow. Those who wants to eat can import from neighbor countries or from any other country they like. Its just a suggestion. Thank you