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Bhakthi Seva offers online Puja facilities for devotees from all over the world. Devotees can get pujas done in their name from the comfort of their home. This is the best option when you do not have access to priests or temples in your neighborhood. Most of our devotees are Hindus settled abroad who want to keep in touch with the religious customs of Sanatana Dharma.

Monthly Pujas we offer for our Devotees

Pujas like Satyanaraya Puja, Sankashti Puja, Pradosha Puja and Mahalakshmi Puja are done every month for our devotees. You can even subscribe for the Bhakthi Seva Annual Package of all these pujas to get the best discounts. Satyanaraya Puja is done on every Pournami and Mahalakshmi Puja on every Amavasya. Pradosha puja is done twice every month.

Devotees can subscribe to any of the above mentioned pujas by paying a small contribution of Rs 516/- to Bhakthi Seva. As a special offer, Devotees can also subscribe to the combined package of all these 5 pujas per month for Rs 1016/- only. The annual package for the 5 pujas package will cost only Rs 10,000/- (a total of 60 Pujas a year).

Sankalpa will be done in the name of the Devotees and their family members. Devotees can watch the pujas online through our live telecast on Youtube channel. The link and timing of the puja will be informed to Devotees beforehand from Bhakthi Seva Team.

Homas and Parayana Seva

Devotees can also get Chandi Homa, Ganapathi Homa, Mahalakshmi Homa, Mrutyunjaya Homa, Ayushya Homa, Sarva Dosha Nivarana Homa, Sudarshana Homa, Santana Gopala Homa, Navagraha Homa, Swayamvara Parvathi Homa, Putra Kameshti Homa, Guru Dakshinamurthy Brihaspati Homa, Dhanvantari Homa, Lakshmi Narayana Homa, Maharudra Homa and other homas done through our priests at Bhakthi Seva Yagna Vedika in Hyderabad.

All our pujas are performed by Vedic Brahmin Priests who have good experience in performing different homas and yagas.

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