Best Quotes of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Sri Sri Ravishankar, Art of Living Founder

Sri Sri Ravishankar, Art of Living Founder

Ravi Shankar is the present day spiritual Guru, a great speaker, thinker, and he contains all the requisite qualifications of a modern Guru. He is shortly referred by the people as Sri, Sri, and he learned the important concepts of Meditation, Yoga and Spirituality from Mahesh Yogi, and later he founded “The Art of Living Foundation”, in order to relieve the people from their mental stress and tensions, and also he helps them to understand the concept of “DIVINITY”, in a simplified manner, by delivering nice discourses.

Ravi Shankar was born in Papanasam, Tamil Nadu, to a pious Hindu couple. His parents were ardent devotees of Lord Surya Bhagavan, and since he was born on Sunday, they have named him as “RAVI SHANKAR”, whose name is recited by several thousands of spiritual aspirants and spiritual enthusiasts, and by his followers.He used to travel to several foreign countries in order to give wonderful spiritual lectures. While delivering lectures, he also used to mention about some important topics from the Puranic incidents, in order to make his discourse to appear more interestingly.

He has got a strong mind and a good physique due to the grace of the almighty, and he contains a smiling face, and since he cheerfully delivers the lectures in a soft and in a melodious voice, the listeners are getting attracted with his discourses, and they also feel more energetic and enthusiastic.

Some of the good Quotes of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar are as follows.

Love must come automatically from our mind, and it cannot come by way of compulsion.

Our knowledge can always be shared with others.

Keeping utmost faith on the almighty is very important.

If you realise the god, then you could find the presence of god everywhere and anywhere in this world.

Whatever comforts and necessities you enjoy in your life must be considered as a gift given by the god.

Always Share your problems only with the almighty, and not with others, since no one would give you proper solutions for your problems, but you can always share your happiness with others.

Listen to others speech, and take only the good things from that speech.

In order to lead a successful life in this world, you must be very active and cautious, since, laziness would spoil your entire life.

Always motivate others through your kind words.

Try to live a simple life, and avoid too much of comforts in your life.

Do your work perfectly, sincerely and honestly.

Life is neither easy nor difficult, and it all depends on how we live our life, by adopting various good methods.

If you are able to control your mind, then you can lead a successful life.

Teachers must act as a best example to their students. They should teach even the tough subjects to their students in an easily understandable manner.

Wise men are the ones who would live a very careful life, and they would always win in their lives.

Those who contain good knowledge must also contain courage, will power and hard work, in order to walk perfectly in their life journey.

Believe about the law of Karma, and be a good person, by doing lot of sacred deeds in your life.

Control your worst enemies, anger, greed and lust.

Too much of worries would not make any difference, instead of that, have confidence with you, and worship the god sincerely and faithfully.

Maintaining patience would do lot of wonders in your life.

Keep your unconditional love on the almighty, and you can love him by considering him as your father and mother, friend and as a holy guru.

Enjoying too much of physical pleasures in your young age, will cause lot of sufferings to you in your old age.


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