Balambika Stotram

Ma Bala Tripurasundari is a child goddess and she is an incarnation of Ma Shakti Devi who is popularly worshipped by her devotees all over India. It is believed that this child goddess would do wonders in the lives of her devotees, and so far, she has performed lot of miracles in the lives of her devotees, and still she is doing that.

Ma Bala Tripurasundari is also believed to be an aspect of Ma Tripura Sundari, and she was born from the powers of Shiva Shakti. She is also worshipped as Ma Ashokasundari by her devotees. Since she is a child goddess, small children would eagerly worship her, and would consider her as their friend, and they would welcome her to their homes. Once she has alarmed the railway guard about the damage of the railway track, and she also relieved the diseases of the devotees by giving the holy Prasad items in the temples, by taking the form of a small child.

There is a wonderful Stotram written by the great Saint Sri Adishankara, and the contents present in the Stotram are as follows:-

O Devi Tripura Sundari, hey, my Dear holy mother, who can also be considered as our precious daughter, due to her young form, who wanders in the forests of sacred trees, who acts like an affectionate mother as well as an affectionate daughter, who removes our spiritual thirst.

Who is the greatest among the Divine women, who is fondly served by the Holy Mother Lakshmi Devi and Ma Saraswati. Whose pretty eyes resembles like that of beautiful rose petals, who is very fair in completion, who used to wear precious golden ornaments, who is the pretty consort of the three eyed God, Lord Sadashiva. O my Dear Devi Tripura Sundari, I seek your refuge at your holy feet.

O Devi Tripura Sundari, who lives in the sacred places, who holds the four Vedas, Japamala and Kamamdala on her hands, who eagerly showers her grace on us, who appears like the divine lotus flower, whose face contains radiance equivalent to Millions and millions of suns. Who is very compassionate towards her devotees, who would give good fortunes in our lives, who can be approached at any point of time, who dwells on pious souls, who can be found everywhere and anywhere, O Devi Bala Tripura Sundari, I seek your refuge at your lotus feet.
O Goddess Tripura Sundari, who can be seen in the sacred places, who used to adorn with rich garments, ornaments and nice garlands, whose body shines like the full moon, whose body generates good smell, due to the divine flowers adorned on her hair. Whose cheeks are reddish, whose eyes shines brightly, who knows everything about her devotees, who can be worshipped by singing sweet songs by praising her, O Devi Tripura Sundari I seek your refuge at your lotus feet.

O Goddess Tripura Sundari, who lives in the holy Mountain Kailash, who gets seated on the golden throne, who would be served by thousands and thousands of maids, who appears like the freshly blossomed scented flowers, who resembles like the Star Goddess, Ma Rohini, who is the consort of the three eyed God, Lord Sadashiva, O Goddess Tripura Sundari, I seek your refuge at your holy lotus feet.

O Ma Tripura Sundari, who holds the music instrument Veena on her hands, who is the teacher of Ma Saraswati, who gives good knowledge, wisdom and courage to her devotees, who contains neatly dressed hair which gives good smell, who is pretty than that of the love goddess, MA Rati Devi, who controls our mind and removes the evils like lust, anger and greed from our mind. Oh Ma Valambiga, I seek your refuge at your holy lotus feet, please don’t leave me alone.

Oh my Holy mother, Baladevi, who takes care of her devotees, who is the holy mother of the entire universe, who is the form of Durga Devi, whose powers cannot be known by anyone, who is capable of taking the Viswaroopa form(Full Form), who is the greatest among all other gods and goddesses, who acts like a wise minister to his consort, Lord Shiva, Oh Ma Bala, I seek your refuge at your holy lotus feet, please don’t leave me alone.

O Goddess Tripura Sundari, who takes the form of the pious women saints, who is very soft and gentle towards her devotees, whose mantra is very powerful, who activates our brain, who gives happiness, refreshment, and boosts our spiritual energy, she is the one who gives goodness in our lives, Oh my Holy Mother Ma Balambiga, I seek your refuge at your holy lotus feet, please don’t leave me alone. I worship you Ma Ambika (the great Goddess of all worlds), the one served by the celestials as her divine attendants.

Benefits of Chanting Tripura Sundari Stotram

The above mentioned meaningful contents of the Balambiga Stotram must be recited every day, in order to attain her grace. Ma Balambiga protects her devotees like their own mother. If a devotee worships the goddess with utmost faith and devotion, then they would lead a happy, sin free, disease free and prosperous life, and in addition to that, they would get the divine bliss of the great Goddess Ma Bala Tripura Sundari permanently, which would help them to attain salvation after their death.


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