Athulayanatheswarar Temple, Veerapandi, Viluppuram

Sri Athulayanatheswarar temple is located in the small village named Veerapandi, in the district of Viluppuram, in the state of Tamil Nadu in Southern India. The main deity of this temple is Athulayanatheswarar (Lord Shiva) and his consort is none.

The holy tree of this temple is Vilwa. The holy water of this temple is well water. The agamam or pooja of this temple is known as Kameeyam. This temple is just 500 years old in this region. The historical name of this place is Veerapandi.

The important festivals of this particular temple are Chithirai festival on Chitra star day in April-May; Purattasi Brahmmotsavam in September-October, Navarathri in September-October;  Margazhi Sashti, Nama Shivaya Panchakshara Mantra initiation, Vaikasi Visakam in May-June;  Skanda Sashti in October-November; Aipasi Wedding festival in October-November, Arudra Darshan on Sadayam Star day ( 3 festivals) in December-January plus Pongal, New Year Days and Deepavalli are celebrated in the temple.

The temple is open from 6.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m. and from 5.00 p.m. to 8.30 p.m for all the Hindus.  In order to speeding up proposals devotees and pilgrims who are facing much delays and problems in marriage, light lime cup lamps successfully and offer  Sarkarai pongal-sweet pudding with kumkum archana for the Lord.  This temple can be easily accessed by local buses and taxis from the district head quarter and other nearest towns. Special pujas and rituals are conducted on all Lord Shiva related festivals and auspicious days in this temple with great devotion and dedication.

Address – Sri Athulayanatheswarar temple, Veerapandi, Viluppuram, Tamil Nadu

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