Atheism in Hindu Mythology

Atheism in Hindu Mythology has a great significance. Several popular personalities in Hindu Mythology are atheists. Brihaspati, also known as Deva Guru (Teacher of Gods), is one of the prominent atheists as per Hindu Mythology.

Commenting on ‘Atheist Bus Campaign led in UK, US, Canada and some other parts of Europe, Prakash Shesh, a management consultant, published a feature on Times of India.

Prakash Shesh for Times of India says –

Hindu mythology believes that Brihaspati is the presiding deity of atheists. His philosophy is known as the Charvaka (or Lokayata) school of thought, which rejects Vedic doctrine and ridicules ritual as self-serving procedures of no real benefit to anyone. An estimated 2% of Indias Hindus are atheist. Few of them are aware that their religion allows for atheism. Most of them believe that society regards the atheist as abnormal, immoral and irreligious and this is why many atheists are wary of publicly admitting to their beliefs.

Atheism in Hinduism – Atheists in India

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  1. Narayana Sarma says:

    Respected sir,

    It saddens to see Hindus using the word ‘mythology’ to refer to
    their epics and stories that they are supposed accept as truth. One
    never hears of Christian and Moslem mythologies. By referring to
    sacred books as mytholgy, we dilute their importance and delegate
    them to the class of fairy tales.

    Please expunge the word mythology when we talk about our ancient

    Narayana Sarma