1. Dear Sir
    Please post auspicious date and time for gruha pravesham in this month

    My full name: Rambabu Amaraneni
    Wifes name: Aruna

  2. My Due date is on 11-Dec, i have been asked to come for induction on 12th dec-2011 there are chances that i may deliver before that naturally, can you please tell me if and why 10-dec-2011 is auspicious for a natural deliver?

  3. Dear sir, we live in mumbai. My dob 10-08-1976 and my husbands 14-08-1973. We need a auspicious date between 15th dec to 25th dec for my 2nd delivery. Its gonna be a c section. thank u

  4. Hi, please publish the dates from November 28 to December 1st, what will be the best day and best time to deliver the baby

  5. dear sir.
    we live in mumbai , my DOB is 18-05-1982 and my husbent DOB is 24 -03-1977. coud you plz advice good date and time for my 2nd child birth between 5th dec to 15th dec , it will be cesarean delivery.
    thanking you
    deepika rathod

  6. Hi, My wife’s due date is 23rd Nov2011..Can you please let me know the best muhurat and time to deliver a child in November 2011.

  7. Hi,Please Publish the dates for November last week 22th to 30th November 2011 .i am in Mumbai what will be best time to deliver the baby
    Yout help is much appreciates.

  8. Good muhurat not only depends on Nakshatra but also on other factors like — Yogam, Karanam, and many other astrological aspects..

  9. Hello Sir,Just out of curiosity..When searched on the net,pushya nakshatra is considerd to be best and the same seems to be missing in your list.Can you pls clarify..Regards

  10. Every date and time given here are auspicious as per Hindu astrology. No muhurat is less best and no muhurat is more best.. All muhurats have same significance…

  11. Hello Sir

    For the month of oct u have used auspicious muhurat,but none for november?.Also you have used various word like best,auspicious good,etc…can you pls advise the order of these,given that we have been given a weeks range for c section.


  12. Dear sir,

    Require best date for delivery in december after 2nd week.
    As you have not mention date in december 2011.

    Please give the auspicious date in December 2011.

  13. Hi please publish the dates for december last week 26th -31st. i am in chicago what will be the best days and time to deliver the baby…

    your help is much appriciated….

  14. Dear Sir,

    Could you please advise for my wife delivary for cesarean in Nov’ 2011 10th onwards an auspicious date .

    Kind Regards

  15. Dear Sir,

    Could you please advise me for an auspicious date for my baby in Oct 2011 after 13th.

    Thanks & Best Regards


  16. I would Like to Know the Best Time on 11th october 2011 for cesarean delivery and what would be the future including education.

  17. I am going to became father. My star is Puratathi -1st and Rasi – Kumbha.
    My wife not able to delivery baby as normal due to placenta is lower side.
    Planned cesarean in between 20th Oct ’11 to 5th Nov’11.
    Kindly advice & post auspicious date for cesarean.

  18. Sir
    My baby is due between 8 oct 2011 to 11 oct 2011. please suggest the best time in between these dates.

    Thanks & regards

  19. We are expecting a baby between 12th and 20th of october 2011. please give us most auspicious birth date and time in priority basis . esspecially during morning time between 8am – 2 pm .


  20. Sir
    as doctorask us to admitted on oct. 7 at chandigarh will you pls tell me the shubh. Mhurat on that day it is going to be normal delivery
    shall be very thankfull to you

  21. We are expecting a baby between 9th and 15th of October 2011. Please give us the most auspicious date and time in priority basis.


  22. Dear Sir,
    Could you please post auspicious dates for C-section in December 2011 between Dec 12 through Dec 20th. This is for my friend who lives in NewYork.

  23. We live in Pune. pl suggest us best nakhsatra days & times between Oct14th and Nov 5th for c-section delivery…Pl advice.

  24. My respects to you Sir, Could you please help me to have a clarification if the 4 October 2011 is good for a caesarian and what are the times/muhrat good for a baby girl to be born or what is the time to respect for the 5 October 2011. Baby will be born in Mauritius. Please help us waiting a prompt reply from you. Thanks for keeping this guide as a lot of children born in unauspicious times n dates suffer.
    Kind regards

  25. dearest sir,
    please send me the best time muhurat for c section on 28th september 11. Also tell the rashi and name for a baby boy or baby girl

  26. sir,

    iam going for a csection in october.i saty in woodbridge, nj. can you please tell me the auspicious dates and times in the month of october 2011. iam going to have a babay girl. please let me know. i would really appreciate your help. thanks.

  27. sir/mam
    Please tell me an auspicious date and time between 15 september 2011 and 30 september 2011. My wife’s Date of birth is 26-06-1985 and birth time is 15:40 place is Kekri, rajasthan, india. Now please tell me an auspicious date and time for a cesarean delivery. I will be thankful to you.

  28. Dear Sir,
    We’re planning for C-section for baby boy on 15th Sept morning. Would you be able to help to advice if this date is auspicious? also pls advice best time for morning on 15th Sept at Malaysia time. Appreciate your help and thanks!

  29. Which is the best date and time between 01/09/11 to 11/09/11 for giving birth a cesarean baby. Father DOB 16/02/1973 time 09:01 Am. Mother DOB is 22/05/1975.
    Please ans soon.

  30. I want to know the best dates and time between 01/09/11 to 11/09/11, to get my child born by c-section. my DOB is 16/02/1973 and my wife DOB is 22/05/1975.

  31. Sir I have planned for my wife C-section on 8th or 9th sept. Tell me which time will be suitable time for getting good baby with it’s good luck & future

  32. Hello Sir,

    We are planning to go for C-section in DEC(between10-17) 2011 in nyc , and i am going to have a girl , can u pls advice auspicious date and time to deliver a baby .

    Let me know if u need any further information.

    thanks & Regards,

  33. Dear sir, I would like to thank you for your great work. I have one question please. My daughter is due to deliver anytime from 11Aug 2011 to 14 August 2011. I saw your recommended dates and time. But we are from Singapore. Is your given time GMT? if so What will be the Singapore time please?

  34. Hello Sir,
    We are planning to go for C-Section in Aug (between 24 – 30) 2011 in Edison NJ USA. Can you please advise any good time to go for C-Section during the dates between Aug 24 and Aug 30 2011.

    FYI – My nakshatra is Revati and my husband’s is Shravana.

  35. hi, i am from mumbai.my due date is on 4th july 2011. My dob is on 24th march 1985 and my husband is on 28th oct 1977. Pls advice and thks 4 ur help.

    JUNE 27 2011 AT 10:00 AM GOOD FOR MY BABY BIRTH ??????

  37. Please note that there times are given based on the nakshatras not chaughadiya of the particular day or date..

  38. For birth of babies, cesarean deliveries, Nakshatra is more important than the chaughadia.. Chaudhadia is more often used for daily routine events… But when it comes to birth of baby, nakshatra is more important.. Please don’t rely fully on my suggestion, please consult any local pundit for full details… The time, calculation of muhurat may vary based on the place, state, country, and continent..

  39. Dear Navinji,
    How important is the chaughadia for the delivery time? I have found that some of the delivery times are in Kaala and Udyoga. For Eg> Feb 13th time that you have given. Is the nakshatra more important than the chaughadia?

  40. Dear Sir, Can you please give me auspiciouse day in end of July for C-Section delivery for Atlanta,GA USA .



  41. Dear Sir, I have been advised for C-Section delivery either in last week of June or 1st week of July 2011. My star Danistha IV Pada Kumbha rasi and my husband star is Ashwini Mesh rasi III pada. We are Kannada Madhava Brahmin family. Kindly advise auspicious day for child birth.

    Please reply.
    Nirmala Manurkar

  42. Thank you very much Aishwaryaji, I will try to write such information very shortly..

  43. Naveenji,
    you are doing a great service to the parents. I would like to know if it is the nakshatra and lagna that is making the time auspicious. If you write down the criteria, it would be easy for many of us to find the date and time on our own.
    I believe only the fortunates are getting connected with this webpage.

  44. Hello Sir,
    I am Satya from Bangalore need to go for c-section delivery after jun 2nd 2011
    either 3rd,4th or 5th of Jun 2011. My Birth Star is Rohini.
    Can you tell me which date will be good for the delivery.

    Thanks in Advance.

  45. Hello Sir,
    I am Satya, i need to go for c-section delivery after jun 2nd 2011
    either 3rd,4th or 5th of Jun 2011. My Birth Star is Rohini.
    Can you tell me which date will be good for the delivery.

    Thanks in Advance.

  46. Sir, I am now pregrant ,my due date for c-section is on july 27 or 28
    Can u pls tell me the best day & time for delivery occurring to USA ,Plano time.

  47. Thank you for publishing the auspicious dates of September & October but sir you have not mentioned the subha nakshatra for those months like you have done for the months from January to August..Will you plz include that as well…

  48. Sir,
    My daughter’s star is bharani and my son in law’s star is Simha. Her due date is September 20th. In the above article shows the auspicious dates for C delivery until August. Please guide us auspicious dates in September also…The time should be favorable for the welfare of the baby, parents, maternal uncle and grand parents also…

    Thank you

  49. The dates given here are basically for Coastal Andhra Pradesh itself.. The rest of India people use it as standard times for cesarean deliveries…

  50. Can u please give me auscipious dates in june 2011 ie june 5th to 15th ceasarean delivery in machilipatanam

  51. im due in July’2011. Kindly post me a auspicious date and good time for delivery of a baby BOY
    thank you..much appreciated

  52. i am scheduled for a c – section towards the end of july …please let me know the date and time … pref as per bangkok time

  53. I am due in September 2011, please post the auspicious dates for a delivery as early as possible. Thanks.

  54. Please post me auspicious dates for delivery of a babyboy in July 2011 between 15th & 23rd in USA. Really appreciate it. Thank you

  55. I am due in July 2011. Please post me auspicious dates for delivery of a baby girl. Really appreciate it. Thank you.

  56. I try to post auspicious dates for cesarean delivery in September 2011 as soon as possible..

  57. I am due in September 2011, please post the auspicious dates for a delivery via C-Section as early as possible. Please don’t disappoint do it at earliest

  58. Dear Sir,
    Please post auspicious dates muhrat of March before 28 march 2011 for delievering a baby….
    please explain it..

  59. Dear Sir,
    Please post auspicious dates muhrat of october 2011 for delievering a baby…. is dusshera or sharad purnima day auspicious for giving birth to a baby.
    please explain it..
    Thank you

  60. Dear Sir,

    Please post auspicious dates muhurat from July 2011 onwards for having a baby, or should we think there is no auspicious dates muhurats after April 2011, please explain it too, I was just wandering what if a baby is born during shukra astha or Jupiter astha, please explain it, this site is really good and informative.

    Thank you

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