Vrischika Rashi Lunar Eclipse August 2017 Astrology Predictions | Chandra Grahan for Vruschika Raasi

Chandra Grahan, Lunar Eclipse August 2017 astrology predictions for Vrischika Rashi natives (Scorpio moon sign). This Chandra Grahan may bring Good results (Shubh Phal) to Vrischika Rasi natives.

Those who born in 4th quarter of Visakha nakshatra, Anuradha nakshatram, and 1, 2 & 3 quarters of Jyeshta nakshatra are considered as Vrischika Rashi natives (Scorpio moon sign).

Be careful in the issues related to You / Your..

  1. daily routines
  2. Lack of strategies in profit making
  3. Issues of first child
  4. Second brother / sister

Never forget that you yourself are the architect of your own life. Do not get distracted. Situation will alter favorably. Control extravagance for luxuries.


Avoid arguments. Arguments with dear ones can cause mental stress and damage to your relationship. Family problems may arise. You need to be careful while solving domestic issues..

Be little patient in the first week of this month. Don’t rely on friends in vital issues. House wives will enjoy the pleasure of work completion.

There will be a little growth in terms of money, career, education, domestic life, etc, according to Chandra Grahan of August 2017 astrology predictions. We can say, Vrischika rasi natives will see a little spark in all aspects of life. But you need to be confident that there will be a good phase of life after the moon eclipse stage.

Marital life or family life of Vrischika rashi natives will be peaceful. Sometimes, disharmony in the house makes you feel the bitterness of family life. But over all its a good period for family, relationship and other personal affairs.

Financially, it is a stable period. But, high expenses may make you tidy. Travelling makes you tired as per the predictions of lunar eclipse August 2017.

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    what effect in scorpio rashi by chandra grahan

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    rasi for those who born on 12 th march1966

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    lunar eclipse may 24 2013 effect on Vrischika rasi

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    vrischika rasi chandra grahan in may 25 in india

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    chandra grahan effects on vruchika rasi in april 25th

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    effect of chandra grahan 2013 on various rashis

  8. Piyush says:

    Namaskar – I am in Bangalore and my birth date is 23rd Aug 1977, however i am told that i am scorpio by chandra rashi, which means this lunar eclipse is not good for me. I have read the page which elaborates the impacts, what i wish to know is what remedies can be done to prevent / limit the harm.

    Hare Krishna