Vishakha Nakshatram, Vishakha Birth Star Astrology Predictions

Visakha Nakshatra or Vishakha nakshatram is the 16th nakshatra in the list of 27 birth stars in Hindu Astrology. If you born in Vishakha nakshatra, based on your birth time and padas of the nakshatra, you are categorized under either Tula Rashi (Libra zodiac) or Vrischika Raasi (Scorpio zodiac). 1, 2, and 3 padas of Vishakha nakshatra fall under Tula Raasi and 4th pada of Vishakha nakshatra falls under Vrischika Raasi. Here are the predictions of your personality, characteristics, education, profession or career, married life or family life and children.

Physical Features:

You, Visakha Nakshatra natives, will have attractive physical appearance with well shaped body and round face. It is noticed that some of you are fatty and long in structure and some are very lean and short in physical appearance.


You are intelligent with full of vigor and vitality. You, natives of Vishakha nakshatram, are very enthusiastic and always ready to learn new things. You are a great believer of god. Some of joy will lead a life of truthful existence. You may not believe in the orthodox principles. You may lead a modern life.Most of you may live away from your family. Some of you may follow ‘Sanyasa’ (saintism).

Education and Profession:

You are a very good speaker. You can attract the crowd with your voice, accent and with the command on language. You will become a good politician if you choose politics as the career. You have a specific spending tendency in you. You are very stingy on the spending on the one side and on the other side, you are extravagant.

You may study finance or mathematics. You may become a good teacher or a writer or a printer. Some of you may choose religious professions.

Careers Ideally Suited For You:

You may earn a lot if you choose a career in business and travel industries. Other suitable careers for you are – banking, journalism and auditing.

Family Life:

Some of you may not enjoy the love and affection of mother. Right from the childhood you may lead a hardworking life. As you are a self made person, you like to lead an independent life.

You can enjoy a wonderful married life. Some of you may addict to alcohol and illegal contacts with other ladies.

Health Problems:

Some of you may prone to diabetes and diseases related to urinary system such as kidney and bladder complications. You may suffer from paralysis and hormone deficiencies.

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  1. ou may study finance or mathematics. You may become a good teacher or a writer or a printer. Some of you may choose religious professions.





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  315. which type of haroscope is suitable to visakha star

  316. 25 july is for tula rashi vishakha nakshatra

  317. Marriage for vishaka 1st pada guru transition 2013

  318. visakha naxatra female native tula rasi tula lagna

  319. baby girl names for viruchigam rasi vihagam natchathiram

  320. when can we do mundan ceremony for birth star vishaka

  321. let me know the result of star visakha 1st step of tula rasi

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  328. vishakha nakshatra and fourth pada (vrischika rashi scorpio sign)

  329. list of tamil boy baby names for visagam star

  330. what is the marriage age for girls born on vishaka 4 pada nakshatra

  331. sade sathi in tula rashi vishakha nakshatra 2013-14

  332. vishaka nakshatra career in august 2013 in telugu

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  342. month of aug 2013 for vishaka nakshatra fourth pada

  343. celebrities born under tula rashi vishakha nakshatra 3rd charan

  344. 2013 prediction about career marriage life job study of people born on 17may 1989

  345. when will i get married i am vishaka natchathra

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  353. pregnancy of a lady ofvishaka nakshatra vrishcika rashi

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