Marathi Panchang 2012-2013, Uttaradhi Math Marathi Panchang 2012-2013 PDF Download

Marathi New Year begins with Gudi Padwa festival. In 2012, Kharanama samvatsar starts on March 23. This Marathi Panchang 2012-2013 or Nandana samvatsara Marathi panchang in PDF for free download is provided by Uttaradi Mutt. Uttaradi Math Marathi Panchang comprises of yearly predictions (varshapal), major Marathi festivals, holidays, auspicious days, Marathi Hindu wedding dates or marriage shubh muhurats, Upanayana dates, Gruhapravesh dates, Surya grahan dates 2012-2013, Chandra Grahan dates 2012-2013, and daily panchang details.

Marathi Panchang 2012-2013 also includes mahina karthavya (what to do during each maas), and other monthly duties, rules and codes.

Click here to download Uttaradhi Mutt Marathi Panchang 2012-2013 PDF for free.

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  1. Lilly says:

    what pregnant women need to do as per uttaradi mutt in chandra grahan

  2. Jagannath says:

    25th april 2013 chandra grahan information in marathi language

  3. Bramhaghosh says:

    GRUHA PRAVESH muhurat in pune for year 2013 as per RUIKAR panchang

  4. Sahdev says:

    marathi daily panchang 2013 14 pdf free download

  5. Lucky Bhai says:

    Please provide Date Panchang 2013 Marathi Download link

  6. nataraja says:

    i need 2012 holiday list to print in school calendar