Upanayanam dates 2017 | Upanayana Muhurthas 2017

Upanayanam, also known as Yagnopavitha Dharana, the sacred thread ceremony is the highly auspicious event in a Brahmin’s life.

Upanayanam is known as Upanayanam in Malayalam, Punal in Tamil, Odugu or Upanayanamu in Telugu, Upanayana or Munji in Kannada, Janeu in Hindi, Munja in Marathi, Munji in Konkani, Lagundeoni in Assamese, Uponayon in Bengali, Brata Ghara in Oriya, Bratabandra in Nepali, Mekhal in Kashmiri, Munji or Noola Madimme in Tulu, Yagnopavit in Gujarati, and Janya in Sindhi.

Here is the list of Upanayanam dates, day, nakshatram, Lagnam and the auspicious time in 2017… (Unless it is mentioned like ‘North India’ the muhurtham is for both North India & South India).

Upanayanam dates in January 2017

There is no auspicious muhurtham in January 2017 as per Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu, Kannada & all other South Indian Panchangams. But as per North Indian Hindi calendars, there is a couple of muhurats on 16 January & 17 January.

16 January 2017, Monday – Purva Phalguni Nakshatra. From 11.16 AM. Abhijit Lagna. It is auspicious for the natives of Simha Rashi, Tula Rashi, Vrischika Rashi, Dhanu Rashi, Kumbha Rashi, Meena Rashi, Mesha Rashi, Mithuna Rashi and Karka Rashi. (North India).

17 January 2017, Tuesday – Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra. (Exclusively for Samavedi Brahmins) Till 12.02 noon. Meena Lagna. It is auspicious for the natives of Kanya Rashi, Vrischik Rashi, Dhanu Rashi, Makar Rashi, Mesha Rashi, Vrishabha Rashi, Karka Rashi and Simha Rashi. (North India).

Upanayanam dates in February 2017

6 February 2017, Monday – Rohini Nakshatra, Abhijit Lagna – Auspicious for the natives of Vrishabh, Karka, Singh, Kanya, Vrischik, Dhanu, Makar, Meena and Mesha Rashi. (North India).

12 February 2017, Sunday – Purva Phalguni Nakshatra, Abhijit Lagna – Auspicious for the natives of Singh, Tula, Vrischik, Dhanu, Kumbh, Meen, Mesh, Midhun and Karka Rashi. (North India).

13 February 2017, Monday – Purva Phalguni Nakshatra, Till 8.59 AM – Auspicious for the natives of Simha, Tula, Vrischik, Dhanu, Kumbh, Meen, Mesh, Mithun, Karka Rashi. (North India).

15 February 2017, Wednesday – Hasta Nakshatra, Chitra Nakshatra, Meena Lagna – Auspicious for the natives of Kanya, Vrischik, Dhanu, Makar, Meena, Mesha, Vrishabha, Karka and Simha Rashi. (North India).

15 February 2017, Wednesday, Krishna Panchami, Hasta Nakshatra, Mesha lagnam. Auspicious Time – 9.46 AM to 11.32 AM

28 February 2017, Tuesday – Uttarabhadra Nakshatra, Meena Lagna / Abhijit Lagna (Only for Samavedi Brahmins) – Auspicious for the natives of Meena, Vrishaba, Mithuna, Karka, Kanya, Tula, Vrischika, Makara and Kumbha Rashi. (North India).

Upanayanam dates in March 2017

1 March 2017, Wednesday, Shukla Thadiya, Revati Nakshatra, Mesha lagnam. Auspicious Time – 8.50 AM to 10.36 AM

2 March 2017, Thursday, Shukla Chaturthi, Ashwini Nakshatra, Meena lagnam. Auspicious Time – 7.12 AM to 8.46 AM

5 March 2017, Sunday, Shukla Ashtami, Rohini Nakshatra, Meena Lagna. Auspicious Time – 7 AM to 8.34 AM

6 March 2017, Monday, Shukla Navami, Mrigashira Nakshatra, Meena Lagna. Auspicious Time – 6.56 AM to 8.30 AM

8 March 2017, Wednesday, Shukla Ekadashi, Punarvasu Nakshatra, Meena Lagna. Auspicious Time – 6.48 AM to 8.22 AM

9 March 2017, Thursday, Shukla Dwadashi, Pushya Nakshatra, Meena Lagna. Auspicious Time – 6.44 AM to 8.18 AM

13 March 2017, Monday, Krishna Padyami, Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra, Meena Lagna. Auspicious Time – 6.28 AM to 8.02 AM

14 March 2017, Tuesday – Hasta Nakshatra, Meena Lagna. (Only for Samavedi brahmins) – Auspicious for the natives of Kanya, Vrischika, Dhanu, Makara, Meena, Mesha, Vrishabha, Karka, Simha Rashi. (North India).

15 March 2017, Wednesday, Bahula Tritiya, Chitra Nakshatra, Vrishabha Lagna. Auspicious Time – 9.40 AM to 11.41 AM

29 March 2017, Wednesday – Revati Nakshatra – Auspicious for the natives of Mithun, Simha, Kanya, Tula, Dhanu, Makar, Kumbha, Mesha, Vrishabha rashi. (North India).

Upanayanam dates in April 2017

2 April 2017

5 April 2017

6 April 2017

13 April 2017

17 April 2017

30 April 2017

Upanayanam dates in May 2017

1 May 2017

5 May 2017

7 May 2017

15 May 2017

16 May 2017

17 May 2017

28 May 2017

29 May 2017

30 May 2017

Upanayanam dates in June 2017

5 June 2017

11 June 2017

12 June 2017

There is no Upanayan Muhurat in July 2017

There is no Upanayan Muhurat in August 2017

There is no Upanayan Muhurat in September 2017

There is no Upanayan Muhurat in October 2017

There is no Upanayan Muhurat in November 2017

There is no Upanayan Muhurat in December 2017

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  1. Sanjay says:

    We want to do our son upanayana on 30/04/2017.so pls tell me that day morning muhoortham time.

  2. Ravi says:

    namasthe 🙏..,

    Want to do My son’s upanayanam
    Name_ – Surya
    Date of Birth – 07/05/2006
    Place of birth- bangalore , india
    Time- 10:15 am sunday
    Please suggest suitable dates in 2018

    Thank you ..

  3. Arpita Bhattacharjee says:

    My son Trideb Bhattacharjee, date of birth 17_11_2003 place .. Guwahati Assam Time .. 15:27 hrs. Pl let me know a suitable date for his upanayan.

  4. Ananta says:

    Guruji namaskar
    Like to know is there any
    good dates for upanayanam (thread ceremony) of my son Snehant Tripathy dob 3-2-2006 time 15.14 Nayagarh odisha. Mob 9923085105

  5. G sai says:

    Can you send auspicious days for performance of my only son whose date of birth 03.07.1995.Pubbanakshtram simha rasi

  6. Y usha rani says:

    My son’s D o b is 7/8/2003 please tell me upanayana muhurtam injune

  7. Prasanjit Das says:

    I’m Prasanjit Das of sudra caste but I want to brahmin I performe Durga Puja at home with big Durga pratima as per sastra niyam. But I want to take Janeau plz give me suggestions in this regard. U can cll me at 8638114110 or gmail at [email protected] . Plz help me guruji. I have heard that those who have known Brahma gayan can be Brahman so pls suggest me.

  8. Sudhamurthy says:

    My sister son having 11 years old v want do upanayana for him in this year please suggest us one date in the month of May date of birth ..09.2006, Mula nakshatra

  9. viji says:

    Wanted to know about the next upanayanam dates in bangalore for 2017.

  10. Sonali says:

    Dear sir , please guide me whether the muhurta in 28 , 29 ,30 May 2017 are suitable for my son , Neelay , DOB 1st Feb 2007 , place of birth ,Dombivali , Thane and time is 1.31 pm. Kindly guide. Thank you.

  11. Shiva Shankar says:

    Dear Sir,

    My Son name is D.S. samarth, Date of Birth is 29-12-2005.

    Please tell me the upanayanam-dates-muhurthams in april to may 17.

    Shiva Shankar

  12. ACHYUTH PATEEL says:

    Is KESHA KHANDANA (GUNDU) compulsory for upanayanam?please reply if any body knows. …I am bothering very much about it

  13. Sumita samaddar says:

    My son’s birthday22.11.03 at 7.30 am.what is the suitable date of his thread ceremony in may2017

  14. Karan says:

    My son completed 10yrs his birth date is 31 /01/2007 birth place Vasai (Maharashtra) birth time 1.13 PM We would like to do tread ceremony in May 2017 can you tell me suitable dates & time.

  15. Dc ojha says:

    My son ankit ojha, dob is 23 jan 2001. Gotra is atri. What is the suitable dates for upanayan sanskar in the month of may 2017.

  16. Narasimha says:

    Namaste, I want to do upanayanam for my first son. We found 12/07/2017 10:45 AM to 11:45 AM muhurtham. Could you please advise is it a good day.
    My son DOB: 31/03/2011 Time: 11:42am
    my DOB: 25/07/1976 Time:4:30 Am

  17. VRCMURTHY says:

    We planing to upanayanam to my son nakshatram ; ravathi. father nakshatram ; sravanam mother ; nakshatram ;ravathi. Please suggested 2 muhotham March, April.

  18. VRCMURTHY says:

    We are planing to perform upanayanam to my son vadrevu sai srinivasa subramanya lakshmi kanth nakshatram : ravathi . father nakshatram sravanam . mother nakshatram ravathi . please suggest 2 best muhotham in march or April

  19. From jayant b shrikhande says:

    My grand son dt of birth 22 may 2010 time 11 -53 am pune can we perform upnayan sanskar any date from 25th Dec to 5th Jan 2018 whitch date is suitable name
    Medidhaunsh niraj shrikhande

  20. Aruna Gireesh says:

    My son born on July 5 2004 at 11.12 am, PL provide us the suitable date for his upanayana. Thanks

  21. Manisha Asrani says:

    My grandson birthdate is 11.06.2005 time is 15:23 born in Augusta/Georgia/USA.
    Please tell me the auspicious date for thread ceremony from July to August to in between 19th dec. to 30th dec 2017. His name is Aarav Khanna.

  22. SWATI BANERJE says:

    Want to do my son saptarshi banerjee’s upanayan. Date of birth 20.4.2005. 11:20 a.m .please send suitable dates.

  23. Rama Bandyopadhyay says:

    I have two sons. One is 14years old and another is 10 years old. I want to give upanayan at same time. What are the muhurats for it??
    Our title is Bandyopadhyay

  24. VRRMOHANRAO says:

    Grandson’s upanayanam
    Date of Birth – 30.12.2001,
    Place of birth- BissamCuttack,Rayagada district,Odisha,
    Time-consuming 5.00PM
    Upanayanam will be held at Rajahmundry A.P
    I want suitable datesin June 2017

  25. rajaraman k says:

    My Son D O B 04/04/20006 Suitable Dates For His Upanayam in 2017

  26. Km sharma says:

    My name kollapur mahendar birth star rohini 3rd padad vrushabha raasi
    My son name srikar birth star revathi end padad means raasi
    Please give muhurtham in May and June 2017.
    Place Hyderabad telangana
    Thanking you.

  27. Usha says:

    My son name: kashyap Jaitra
    Want to do upanayana. We are madhwas(kannada)
    Date of birth : 11/01/2005
    Time: 7:19pm
    Place of birth: vijayawada
    Please send muhurtam date and time

  28. BN sastry says:

    Namasthe, My second son’s dob is 26-1-1991, pob is kurnool tob is 9.32 AM. Please find a good upanayana Muhurath for him. His dad’s Nakshatra is Arudra, my boy’s is Rohini 2 padam. thank you.

  29. Saiteja says:

    Is there any upanayana muhurtham in October ???

  30. siddhartha says:

    Date of birth of my son Lokesh is 22.3.2007. I want to perform Upanayan of my son. Kindly suggest suitable dates of Upanayana in the year 2017.

  31. Uday Bhan Pandey says:

    I want to perform Janeu(Upnayan) for both my sons- Rajeshwar Pandey(DOB-14/04/1998 and Deveshwar Pandey( DOB- 25/10/2004) together. What are suitable dates in 2017 ?

  32. Uday Bhan Pandey says:

    I want to perform Janeu(Upnayan) for both my sons- Rajeshwar Pandey(DOB-14/04/1998) and Deveshwar Pandey( DOB- 25/10/2004) together. What are suitable dates in 2017 ? Regards, Uday Bhan Pandey, Father

  33. Vishwanath Chatterjee says:

    Pranam Guruji.
    My Son Mast Pratosh Chatterjee DOB 5th August 2001 is completing 14 years and will start 15years after 5th August 2015 and hence, woould like to get his Upanayanam Ceremony done this year.
    Kindly confirm good dates from September month onwards, so that we can fix a date confortable to us as we need to do this at Kolkata and I am staying at Chennai.

    Please suggest all good dates for Upanayanam ceremony in 2015 from September month through my E mail id or mobile no. 09940448644


  34. nelatur bhanu says:

    I want to know if there are any muhurtham in july and august 2014, as per my sons nakshtra..
    His dob 19th august 2001 time 12.05 pm afternoon..maka nakshtram.

  35. mudium saiprasad says:





  36. Pranoy says:

    auspicious day in feb 2014for scared thread function

  37. Nirad says:

    what happens if we do upanayanam in december?

  38. Manit says:

    what is the muhurtha on September 11th/2013 at 7 10 A M in India

  39. Chitrakshi says:

    mrigasira nakshtra has gurubala in 2014 for upanayana

  40. Bhoomi says:

    auspicious day for threading ceremony without seeing Gurubala

  41. Chiranjeev says:

    best muhurat in november 2013 for janoi gujarat

  42. Tabassum says:

    thread ceremony- upnanayan sanskar or janoi in nagar bhramin community

  43. Kewal says:

    Best time to conduct a threading ceremony in 2013

  44. Saparna says:

    auspiaous dates for thread ceremony in jan 2014

  45. Gajendra says:

    best muhurtam dates in june 2013 for upanayanam

  46. Priyadarshi says:

    dates for thread ceromony in the month of oct in india

  47. Kosika says:

    garbh sanskar mahurat time on sunday 4 aug 2013

  48. Avigna says:

    auspicious dates in august and september 2013 for thread ceremony

  49. Pragati says:

    subh muhrat for thread ceremony on jan 14

  50. Atithi says:

    good nakshatra and rasi for upnayan sanskar 2014

  51. Kintan says:

    what nakshatra and rashi is good for upanayanam in 2013

  52. Swayambhu says:

    can upanayanam be performed in month of august

  53. Neha says:

    Good morning,

    Please tell me Upanayan dates in November 2013 for my son. His details –

    Birthdate – 14 February, 2003
    Time – USA time 19:47 (7:47 PM )
    Place of birth – USA

    Thread ceremony to be performed at Nagpur, India.


  54. Udaya says:

    good day for upanayanam performance at tirumala during july 2013

  55. Pahal says:

    murath for sacred thread ceremony for the year 2013

  56. Gopesh says:

    upanayanam muhurthams in 2013 for pushya star born

  57. Subeer says:

    thakur prasad panchang in mithla month of july

  58. Angak says:

    shadi date feb in 2014 bihar banarsi panchang

  59. Ekaksha says:

    mundan sanskar dates by thakur prasad oct 2013

  60. Madhavi says:

    hindu poonal function mukurtham may 2013 to june2013

  61. Dharnitha says:

    auspicious day to buy car in july 2013 maithili panchang

  62. Amrapali says:

    can a father celebrate the yagnp pavit sanskar of his son

  63. S Mukherjee says:

    Please tell the eligible Upanayam dates for 2014. Need to plan for my son’s Upanayanam, who was born in October 2002.

  64. Arshad says:

    best dates for upanayanam for rohini star between sept 2013 to 2014

  65. Chandrakishore says:

    when should one do upanayanam for a child born in 2004

  66. Murthy says:

    we are planning to perform UPANAYANAM to my son.
    father’s nakshatram – JESTA
    mother’s nakshatram – ASWINI
    SON’s nakshatram – ANURADHA

  67. Kalpana says:

    My son ‘s star is visakha 1 (22-08-2004 at 11.33 AM at hyderabad) my star is dhanista 2 (10-01-1970 at 5.45am near Ellur) we wnated to perform upanayanam of our son. Pl let me know the suitable date & time that is muhurtam in visakha month 2013.We are bhramins vaideki velnnadu .

  68. Shalya Chaganti says:

    Namaskara, My son is 9 years , born in 2003 Jeestha Nakshtra time ,Australian time 1.05 pm . My Nakshtra is Jeesta and my wife’s Nakshtra is moola, we are kshtriyaa’s please give an auspicious date for performing his upanayana .
    Thank u

  69. Kauvalyanathan says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    Namaskaram, .My birth star is Mrigashira (Vrishabha Rashi). My wife’s star is ShataBhisha (Kumbha). We would like to perform the Upanayanam between May 2013 and August 2013 for my son born on 02nd November, 1999. His Birth star is Poorva Phalguni (Simha). We are RigVedis.
    Are there any good Muhurtham during the period between May and August 2013.
    He completed 13 years last November. Currently he is 14 running.

  70. Venkatraman says:

    we wish to participate samasti upanayanam at kanchi or at kovai during vaisaka

  71. Srinivas N says:

    Many say only 2014 is good for upanayanam! Is this true and why? Very confused pls clarify!

  72. Gargeya says:

    We are Yajur shakha adhyayis and our gothram is Harith.
    My star is Krittigai 2nd padam and my younger sons star is Aswathi.
    Can you please suggest dates for conducting Upanayanam ceremony in May 2013.
    Thanking you

  73. Karunya says:

    My star is Krittigai 2nd padam and my younger sons star is Aswathi.
    Can you please suggest dates for conducting Upanayanam ceremony in May 2013.
    Thanking you

  74. Ranrarao says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    Namaskaram, . We are planning to conduct for my son born 12.10.2000 we are belong samavedam. We want to do uppanayanam during 2013. we enquired with out sastry he said only
    15 JULY 2013 AVAILABLE .why only this date. please kinly inform me
    other date are available or not

  75. Neelkamala says:

    best muhurat for yagyopavit sanskar in july 2013

  76. Vedbhushan says:

    house warming date in july 2013 kataka rasi

  77. Tarala says:

    thread ceremony as per kohinoor panji in 2013-14

  78. Aarini says:

    griha pravesh muhurat in august 2013 banarasi panchang

  79. Jasraj says:

    can we perform upanayanam at the age 17 yrs

  80. Harindra says:

    upanayanam dates for 2013 in marathi kalnirnay panchang

  81. Rajasi says:

    which date would be suitable upanayanam for hastha nakshatra in feb2014

  82. Abhivanth says:

    good date for upanayanam for a star of chitta nakshatram

  83. Sudhamayi says:

    janeu lagna timings in 2013 in uttarakhand panchang

  84. Tanmaya says:

    how to find out auspicious day for punal

  85. Vagisha says:

    upnayan sanskar dates july-august in 2013 in bihar

  86. Chinmayi says:

    suitable dates for ceremonies in june july 2013

  87. Shyamal says:

    upnayan sanskar muhurt at june in thakur prasad calander

  88. Avikam says:

    are there dates in july 2013 for thread ceremony

  89. Hima says:

    samashti or samuhika upanayanam in andhra pradesh in coming month 2013

  90. aditya says:

    my sons date of birth is 4.7.1994. Pl. tell me the auspicious date for his upanayan.

  91. Sanshray says:

    as per telugu panchangam odugu muhurthams in 2013

  92. Padmamalini says:

    suitable date for janeu Sanskar in may and june

  93. Balamani says:

    samoohik upanayanam will be given gothram on what category

  94. Subhendu says:

    thread ceremony dates in 2013 may and june

  95. RAJIV DUBEY says:

    dob-9aug 1981 time-16:22 hrs place-dumraon(bihar) plz suggestmost auspicious upnayan sanskardate in may -jun 2013 .

  96. Devdas says:

    upnayan sanskar date in may 2013 as per birth date

  97. Semanti says:

    upnayan sanskar dates in may 2013 in mithila panchang

  98. Heerkani says:

    auspicious day for pushya nakshatra to perform upanayanam

  99. Keshav says:

    Whether Upanayanam can be performed on janma nakshatra

  100. Ansh says:

    is 19th june 2013 suitable for upanayanam for a boy whose star is pooram

  101. Manidhar says:

    mypanchang 2013 tamil auspicious day for upanayana muhurtham in august

  102. Gangi says:

    best days to wear janeu in may 2013

  103. Ashita says:

    upnayan sanskar dates in november & december 2013

  104. B REKHA says:

    Can we perform marriages in asadh month i.e. on 13th july as per rajput weddings

  105. CHINTA SRINIVAS says:

    My son Varun Kumar nakshatra is uttara 2nd padam. time 09.25 a.m. tuesday.
    Fathers name Chinta Srinivas, uttaraashada 1st padam time 08.00 a.m..
    I want upanayam dates for telugu brahmin boy in 2013/14

  106. Shalya says:

    mithla lagan not banarsi lagan in june 2013

  107. Mayank says:

    kalnirnay panchang 2013 munj muhart month of may2013

  108. Sanshray says:

    for pooram star find suitable star for upanayam

  109. Vishesh says:

    auspicious time for janeu sanskaar in june 2013

  110. Dhaval says:

    we want to ask a question about muhurtham to keep for upanayanam

  111. bhavini says:

    best date for my son rudra yagnopavit saskar in may-june 2013

  112. Pival says:

    best date for yagnopavit sanskar in may-june 2013

  113. Dyumani says:

    Upnayan and viwah tithi of 2013-14 acording to mithila panchang

  114. Sahitya says:

    marriage shubh muhurat dates 2013 for ravi tula rashi

  115. Akshayaguna says:

    auspicious days in may 2013 for garbh sanskar

  116. Chitrasen says:

    banarasi panchang hindu marraiges date in december 2013

  117. Ishita says:

    auspicious date for writing ceremony in july 2013

  118. Mrinendra says:

    subha muhurta for brataghara of my child in the month of may13

  119. Sohan says:

    right date for brataghara of my child in the month of may13

  120. Nateshwar says:

    upanayan dates in may 2013for ashlesha nakshatra & karkat rashi

  121. Kamalasundari says:

    upanayanam dates in 2013 as per bengali panjika

  122. Gajanan says:

    please find out the thread ceremony in the month of may2013

  123. Prayuta says:

    please find out the thread ceremony in the month of may 2013

  124. Bheru says:

    upanayana muhurthams in may or june 2013 up

  125. Balaraj says:

    how is it after budha enters in vrishaba rasi in in april 2013

  126. Pranay says:

    -invitation of sons thread marriage at chennai on 15th july 2013

  127. ARVIND KRISHNA says:


  128. Sundha says:

    dates required for thread ceremony (upanayana) for bengalis in may 2013

  129. Pratyaksha says:

    is july 15th 2013 a good day for upanayana

  130. Dheemant says:

    dates for thread ceremony and marriage in may 2013

  131. Trilokesh says:

    dates for thread ceremony in march april 2014

  132. Sarvag says:

    bengali panjika 2013 – dates for thread ceremony

  133. Pramada says:

    is april 14 2013 a good day for mundan panjika

  134. Vrisan says:

    what shanti can be done for upanayan muhurta

  135. Ratnalekha says:

    muhurat on 14th april in ahmedabad for mundan

  136. Taha says:

    date suitable for sathayam nakshatra kid in vaigasi

  137. Saatatya says:

    yagnopavit muhurat in nov 13 as per rashi

  138. Alaknanda says:

    telugu upanayanam muhurthams for revati nakshatra in 2013

  139. Marisa says:

    kark rashi ashilesha nakshtra male & mesh rashi bharani nakshatra female best house warming dates in 2013

  140. Abhik says:

    good days for upanayanam in south indian astrology

  141. Nirvana says:

    how to find an auspicious date for thread ceremony

  142. Suryanshu says:

    upnayan sanskar date in may 2013 in bihar

  143. Nihal says:

    hrishikesh panchang hindi calendar best tithi yagopavitra sanskar of may 2013

  144. Suraj says:

    shubh muhurat in may 2013 for upnayan sanskar

  145. Chanchal says:

    what are the upanayana muhurthams in april 2013?

  146. Ishya says:

    my sons rashi is kumbha purvabhadra nakshtra does he have gurubala for upanayana?

  147. Udbhav says:

    Date of upnayan sanskar in banarsi panchang after 14 june

  148. Esha says:

    what to do st janoi sanskar based on gujarati culture

  149. Shakunt says:

    upanayan muhurta in 2013 may for kanya rashi

  150. Neelaja says:

    is shasti suitable for doing upanayanam in 2013 may 30

  151. Hari says:

    Boy’s date of birth 21 May’06. Can we plan for his Upnayanam in Jan-Feb 2014 ?

  152. Nanda says:

    muhurats for april 2013 and may 2013 thread ceremony

  153. Vivaan says:

    upnayan dates in may for jharkhand according to banaras calender

  154. Vanmaalee says:

    upanayana muhurthams in may 2013 ACCORDING TO TELUGU CALENDAR

  155. Madhumitha says:

    how to fix upanayanam date for boy star

  156. Suprit says:

    in hindu brahmins panchang upanayana dates available in april months?

  157. Eknath says:

    what needs to be considered for upanayanam muhurtham

  158. Vinaya says:

    good dates for thread cermony in May or June of 2013 for Mesha rashi

  159. Shaligram says:

    auspicious date in bengali calender for sacred thread ceremony in

  160. Deborah says:

    can u tell d auspicious time or date to start some good work in 2013 in oriya calender?

  161. Kaanan says:

    son born in 2000 may can i do upanayanam in 2013

  162. Shreyansh says:

    check gurubala for makara rasi in karthika masam

  163. Suchita says:

    tilak panchang 2013– upanayana muhurat in april 2013

  164. Praneel says:

    how to find muhurtham for upanayanam in 2013

  165. Jasmin says:

    date of sacred thread ceremony after april 2013

  166. Meghdutt says:

    upnayan muhurtam in the year 2014 second half of the year

  167. D.Rajendra says:

    gurubala for upanayanam for makar rashi in the month of may 2013.

  168. Nadiya says:

    dates for marriege & thread ceremany for the year 2013

  169. Rochak says:

    gurubala for upanayanam kumbha rasi auspicious days in 2013

  170. Aahva says:

    best date for upanayanam for boy with revathy nakshathram

  171. Kalpesh says:

    upanayanam muhurtham for sravana nakshatra in May 2013

  172. Vijay says:

    Planning to do Upanayanam in June- Aug 2013. Please advice some good dates.

    May 14, 1998 (India)

    June 4 , 2004(USA)

  173. Srinivasan says:

    Had a plan of conducting upanayanam of my 2 sons in August. But surprised to know that only 2014 is suitable for upanayanam! Why is 2013 bad for upanayanam? Pls clarify my confusion.
    Thanking you

  174. pudke says:

    My brother birth is 27 aug 2003 simha rashi and dhanistha nakshatra, can i get some auspicious dates of upnayan ceremony between june-august. thank you!!


    I want muhurtam for upanayanam of my Son., whose Nakshatram is Chitra 3 rd padam My nakshatram Is also Chitra 3 rd padam We want muhurtam in May 2013 Pl advise

  176. ravi vyas says:

    my son rashi-tula, bhardwaj gotra, Ihave some auspicious date of upnayan ceremony after feb-2013

  177. Simaant says:

    Can I have some auspicious dates of Upnayan ceremony after July 2013.


  178. vishwanath says:

    my sons nakshatram is aswini-3 name is anirudh srivatsa and my nakshatra is chitra-1 .can u suggest few good upanayanam date s in the month of june and july

  179. Shashank says:

    My son Date of Birth is 05 March, 1997. Want to find out Upnayanam dates in Jun 4 week or July 1st week of 2013. Please email and let me know. Thank you

  180. sanjay kumar subramanian says:

    My son dob is 20.04.2006. His nakshatra is puradam. Need to know the best muhurtham date in vaikasi masam of 2013. Pls reply on priority ad I hv very little number of days left for booking mandapam

  181. Subramanian Sitaraman says:

    My son’s Date of birth is 11.07 1996 and his stat is Rohini /Rishaba rasi and my star is Krithigai/Rishaba Rasi.

    I want to find out the suitable upa nayanam dates in May 2013.

    Could you please help me in finding out the suitable muhurtham dates for his star/mystar.


    S R Subramanian

  182. K S Raju says:

    My son Rajkiran’s star is Jeystha 3rd Padam, DoB 20.05.1981 Place of birth is Kakinada, Can any one inform me whether there are Upanayanam dates in May 2013.

  183. jayan says:

    My star is Punattham and my son Vishnu’sstar is also Punartham.His DOB is 26-05-2001. Please send muhurtham for upanayanam in may

  184. vinod acharya says:

    my son avinash acharya can anyone send me muhurtham dates for upanayanam in may day sunday 2013 my son rashi – karka, nakhchatra – pushya, D.O.B -21/06/2004

  185. Kalyana Veena says:

    My grandson is Vishal Bharadwaj. Can anyone send me muhurtham dates for Upanayanam in January 2013, February 2013, March 2013, April.

  186. Srinivasa Rao says:

    My son Hemadri Rao. Nakshatram – Shatabhisham. I want Upanayana Muhurtham in January 2013 or in February 2013.

  187. Sharma LN says:

    My son is Rohini Nakshatra, 1st Pada, Vrishabha Rashi. Name – Divyansh Sharma. I want Upanayanam Muhurtham in January 2013 for him.
    Please send me the information

  188. sachi shah says:

    is a girl child take this? her b’day is 2nd june 2002.

  189. Ananth says:

    Sairam. My son Arun Srikanth – Shravana star (Thiruvonam) DOB 16 apr 2001, Want to perform Upanayanam in Mar 2013. pl let me know suitable dates.

  190. premaraghavendra says:

    my grandson chi phranaav .s, date of birth 14.3.2006.pooram nakshathra,please suggest suitable upanayana muhurtham dates in july 2013and august2013


    WMy son born on 10.11.2001 Pubba Nakshatram (Rompicherla Bhattar Srinivasa Sairam Saravanan)
    Father’s star: Satabhisham (Rompicherla Bhattar Sesha sairamacharyulu) Mothers star: Rohini (Rompicherla Rangalaxmi)

  192. Rao says:

    Sorry, I forgot to give you father and mother details for 13/02/2013 muhurtham for Uttara-4 Kanyarasi boy.

    Father: Chitta-2 Kanyarasi
    Mother: We do not know, her name is Savitri. I assume it is: Satabhisham-4 Khumba Rasi, this is as per Name (Please correct if necessary). The boy is coming from abroad for 15 days in February 2013. Is this 13/02/2013 Muhurtham is OK? Kindly help. Thanks.

  193. Rao says:

    13/02/2013 for Upanayanam – Is it suitable to everybody – Uttara-4 Kanyarasi. We wish to perform Upanayanam. This date is suitable to perform? Thanks for all the help.

  194. mnm says:

    Upanayanam dates in july or August 2013. Please let me know………..

  195. sanjay prasad says:

    please post upanayana muhurtams for may-2013

    father-kritika-vrishba rasi
    mother-shravana-makara rasi
    son-pushya-kataka rasi

  196. Sushama L says:

    Please post upanayanam muhurtams for June-July 2013 and please let us know if it is ok to do upanayanam in Dec 2012. Dad- Bharini
    Thank you

  197. Thyagarajan says:

    Dear Sir
    Please advise when you will publish Muhurtha dates for April, May 2013. Eagerly awating for your response !!
    Kind Regards…

  198. Guest says:

    Please let me know the dates for threading ceremony in July- August 2013.

  199. Krishna Ghoshal says:

    Hello Sir, Please let me know the auspicious dates for upanayan for my son during July- August 2013. Thanks.

  200. ravi n says:

    Please kindly tell me date for my son upanayanam birh star uthradthi (Meena Rasi) . During 2013 may /june 2013

  201. Rupa says:

    Could you please give me some dates in May/June for my son’s upanayanam. His birth star is Mrigaseersham. Mother’s star is Uthram, and father’s star is Sadayam.

  202. Sunita says:

    Hi,my son was born on 28th August 2003,can we do his scared theread ceremony in the month April 2013.let me know .so that I can plan.sunita

  203. Natrajan K P says:

    Poonal dates(one day for both boys) in May/June 2013 for my gandsons.Birth Stars Mrigasheersham,Thiruvonam.

  204. Sheshachala H K says:

    My son’s DOB is 4/5/1998, Father’s DOB is 9/9/1968 and Mother’s DOB is 30/11/1976. we would like to perform Thread cermony next year after April 2013. Please suggest some important dates (atleast 3) in order to satisfy all the three birth dates.

  205. manisf says:

    my younger son name is Aditya and second name is Davang

    for them 10/02/2013 is good date for upnayana sanskar

  206. krishna says:

    Sir, my son’s date of birth is 25.09.1997 at (01:00PM) in Hyderabad, My date of Birth is 02.10.1969 at 03:30 at Sanga Reddy District Andhra Pradesh. Whether 25.01.2013 is good for Upanayanam or not

  207. chhavi says:

    Hello, we would like to perform upnayanam ceremony of my sons.Please suggest auspicious dates for them in 2013.
    Their details are –
    Name- Kshitij ratna
    DOB- 3/12/1999
    Place of birth-Ahmedabad, Gujrat

    Name– Shashank Ratna
    DOB – 26/02/2003
    Place of birth – Varanasi,UP

    But now we live abroad .Kindly suggest suitable dates as we will have to plan a trip to India.With Warm Regards

  208. r.gamaruthiram says:

    respected sir.,my sons date of birth is 27-08-1999 we want to perform upanayanam.
    fathers date of birth is 23-10-1968
    mothers date of birth is 05-12-1972
    please sugget an auspicious muhurtham for my son
    thanking u

  209. r.gamaruthiram says:

    DATE OF BIRTH 27-08-1999
    TIME OF BIRTH 12.48

  210. Badrinath says:

    Dear Sir, My second son’s D.O.B is 12th May, 1999, 00.25 hrs . Please advise the auspicious upnayan muhurat for him in May – June 2013.

    With heartfelt regards

  211. Padmanabh says:

    Please advise by reply email:
    My son DOB 08 November 2004
    Time of Birth: 12:08 PM (GMT)
    Location of Birth: Leeds, United Kingdom

    Please advise the dates for Munj muhurat in 2012, especially between 15 July 2012 to 31 August 2012.

    Thank you.

  212. KOUMUDI says:

    hello sir/madm i want to know the best suitable dated 4 griha pravesh puja in nasik maharashtra in may and june pl suggest thanks

  213. Bilwaraj S Nabar says:

    I wish to carry out my sons Munj (thread Cermony) in the month of May 2013. His birt details are as below
    D.O.B: 02/ Dec/2002
    P.O.B: Pune (Pashan, SUS Road)
    T.O.B: 22:10 Hrs ; 10:10 PM

    Kindly suggest a auspicious Muhurta

  214. T.C.Ramasubramanian says:

    II would like to know muhurtham dates for my grandsons upanayanam in May and July 2013. Elder’s star is Makeeram and the younger one’s Moolam. Suggest suitable dates. Thanks

  215. T.C.Ramasubramanian says:

    I want to know if there are muhurthams for upanayanam in May and July 2013

  216. Durga Ramaswamy says:

    want to know the good dates to perform upanayanam for our son from june 2013 to august 2013.

    please send this information asap in order to plan the same.

    thank you and keep up the good work.

  217. jagannath rao says:

    my son born on 4 dec 2003.since i am aboard , planning for a vacation in may.pl let me know the favourable dates for upanayan in between may 21- may 31.

  218. b.krishna murthy says:


    my son’s d.o.b.19-01-1965. aslesha 4th padam.
    i want t0 do his upanayanam in april/may 2013.
    kindly suggest a auspicious day.
    with regards.
    krishna murthy.

  219. ramakrishna says:

    Sir, please update us with Upanayana dates in April and May 2013

  220. Ganesh.V says:

    Dear Sir,

    My first name is G.Sabarish and his DOB is 12/9/1995(Star-Revathi) and my second son name is Ashwin DOB is 21-2-2000(Star-Uthiram). Please inform the best date for performing upanayanam in the month of march, April and June. Since I am in abroad I have to plan for my vacation and come to India. Please kindly advise me.

  221. Ganesh says:

    My son’s date of birth is 17th October 1997(star: Bharani). We want to perform his thread ceromony (upanayanam) in the month of April, May 2013. Please advise suitable dates to match his star.

  222. A.Gopala Krishna Murthy says:

    My Son Name is A.Sri Krishna Karthik, D.O.B.27.05.1987, Krithik – 1. We want to perform his Thread Ceremony in the month of May or June, 2011. My D.O.B 20.10.1963, Anuradha Nakshtram, Vrichika Rasi. Please advise the best dates for this ceremony as per his DOB. Mother’s DOB is 25.10.1966, Poorva Bhadra 1.

  223. Anu Mahesh says:

    My older son’s date of birth is 05/16/1996 Star Pooram and younger one date of birth 04/12/2001 Star is Kettai . We want to perform his Thread Ceremony in the month of June and July 2011. Please advise the best dates for this ceremony as per his DoB

  224. A SHEELA says:

    my nephew has completed 10 years and we need a good muhurtham date for his upanayana from 15th April 2011 – 1st May 2011. Also advise whether we can have best upanayanam muhurtham dates from 15th May to 15th June.
    His star is ” Uthirattathi”.

  225. sandhya says:

    Gud evening, Please tell us the upanayan muhuratham for our son ( rohini / rishaba rasi / meena lagnam) in APR/MAY/JUN

  226. Baba Joshi says:

    My grandson completes 9 years of age 0n 2nd April2011.
    He is eldest child of my son. His Rashi is Vrushchik. Please suggest auspicious dates in May/June 2011.

  227. SARAT KUMAR DASH says:

    Please tell me the upanayan muhurta for my son (aswini Mesha) in may/June 2011.
    advance thanks and regards
    Sarat Kumar Dash

  228. Manoj Kashikar says:

    Hello Sir, I m from nashik (maharashtra) my son complete his 8th year on 27 march can i do his munja even after the completion of 8th year i.e. in May 2011

    • naveen.sanagala says:

      It is auspicious to do Munja (upanayan) below 12 years. Please consult your local Brahmin for full details.

  229. ganeshbabu says:

    pls let me know 13/08/1996 tamil brahmin iyer pushyami nakshtra,required kataka lagnam dates for april- may 2011 muhurthams or suitable

  230. Dharmendra says:

    Thread ceremony was performed for me and i was not able to continue . Shall i again start from any auspicious date ?

  231. Indu Nag says:

    My son’s date of birth is 07/12/1996. We want to perform his Thread Ceremony in the month of March 2013. Please advise the best dates for this ceremony as per his DoB.

  232. Raviragavan says:

    pls let me know the upnayanam dates for the hindu iyengar family at tamilnadu, in FEB 2013, March 2013 DOB 06/09/1992

  233. ANAND KR MISHRA says:

    Pls let me know the upanayanam dates for a Hindu family belong to U.P. for my son in Apr 2013, May 2013 & June 2013 there DOB 01/01/1995 and 13/08/1996

  234. ANAND says:

    Pls let me know the upanayanam dates for a Hindu family belong to U.P. for my son in May 2013 & June 2013 there DOB 01/01/1995 and 13/08/1996

  235. Shanthi says:

    Pls let me know the upanayanam dates for a Tanjavur Tamil Iyer boy in May 2013 & June 2013

  236. Rekha says:

    please let me know dates in May 2013.. also how to check on the “gurubalam” dob of my son 23 august 1994

  237. a k v says:

    i want to know if there are any muhurthams in July-August-2013

  238. vidyasagar says:

    details are helpful in planning for my son’s upanayanam