TTD Festivals in November 2016

The holy month of Karthika in November takes the privilege to observe the Varsha Tirunakshatrotsavams of famous Sri Vaishnava Saints and some of the Alwars, who dedicated their lives in the service of Lord Venkateswara including the Divine Commander in chief Viswaksena.

Every day is a festival day in the abode of Lord Venkateswara in Tirumala. It is believed that Lord enjoys nearly 450 utsavams all through the year and therefore, every moment in Tirumala is considered a festive occasion.

Apart from taking part in the grandeur of His own celestial festivals, the Lord also equally celebrates the Tirunakshatrotsavams of His ardent devotees. The month of November holds the credit of observing the birth anniversaries of many ardent devotees of Lord including the Senai Mudaliar Tirunakshatram who is none other than the commander in chief of Lord, Sri Viswaksena, three Alwars collectively known as Mudhal Alwars, Manavala Mahamuni tirunakshatrams also fall in this month.


November 1: Yama Dwitiya or Bhratri Dwitiya, Bhagani Hasta Bhojanam or Bhai Duj (both the festivals imply the love between sisters and brothers which fell on the auspicious day of Karthika Sukla Vidiya)

November 2: Tirumala Nambi Sattumora

November 3: Nagula Chaviti (Procession of Lord Sri Malayappa Swamy on Pedda Sesha Vahanam in Tirumadaveedhi)

November 4: Sri Manavala Mahamuni Sattumora

November 5: Sri Senai Modaliar Tirunakshatrotsavam

November 7: Pushpayagam in Tirumala, Sri Poigai Alwa Varsha Tirunakshatram,
Great Vaishnavaite Philosopher Sri Pillai Lokacharya Varsha Tirunakshatram, Sri Vaishanava Guru Sri Vedanta Desikacharya Sattumora

November 8: Sri Boodattalwar Varsha Tirunakshatram

November 9: Sri Peiyalwar Varsha Tirunakshatrotsavam

November 10: Smartha Ekadasi

November 11: Kaisika Dwadasi

November 12: Sani Trayodasi

November 14: Pournami Garuda Seva in Tirumala

November 25: Mata Traya Ekadasi

November 27: Masa Sivarathri, Sri Dhanwantari Jayanthi

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