Thiruppavai PDF download in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, English

Andal Thiruppavai is one of the important text for Vaishnava sect of Hindus in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka.

Tiruppavai is a 30-stanzas text and each stanza is referred to as ‘Pashuram’. It explains the mahatmya of Lord Vishnu in detail manner.

Thiruppavai was compiled by Sri Andal, only female Alwar of 12 Alwars.

Download Thiruppavai in Tamil in PDF format – Link

Download Thiruppavai in English in PDF version – Link

Download Thiruppavai in Telugu in PDF format – Link

Download Thiruppavai in Kannada in PDF format – Link

Download 30 Pashurams of Tiruppavai MP3 songs

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  1. Thanks for posting tiruppavai in telugu. It would be better if you include tatparyam along with each pashuram.

  2. thank you so much for your post in telugu…it is so helpful for every telugu fellow who is desparate to learn thiruppavai