Shravan Maas Mahatmya, Importance of Shravan Mahina

What is the Shravan Maas Mahatmya or the importance of Shravan Mahina? Sawan month or Shravan maas is the fifth Hindu month. As per the Hindu scriptures and Vedas, Shravan maas is considered as highly auspicious month. In Vedas, Sawan month is described as ‘Nabhas’. Shravan Purnima (the full moon day in Shravana masam) coincides […]

Balaram Jayanti 2014 (Balarama Jayanthi)

Balarama Jayanti or Balaram Jayanthi is observed on Shravan Pournami, Full Moon day during Shravan month. In 2014, Balaram Jayanti date is August 10. Balarama Jayanthi is the birthday or the appearance day of Lord Balaram, one of the Dasavataras or the ten supreme incarnations of Lord Vishnu. In some regions of India, Balarama Jayanthi […]

Purnima: 20, 21 August 2013

Today, 20, 21 August 2013 is Purnima, Shravan Purnima, Rakhi Purnima, Rakshabandhan, Kajri Purnima Vrat. It is the Full Moon day in Shravan Month as per Hindu calendar. In Tamil Nadu, it is celebrated as Avani Pournami (Avani Month Purnima), and in Malayalam calendar of Kerala, it is Chingam Velthuvavu (Chinga Month Purnima). According to […]

Kajari Purnima 2013 (Kajri Poornima, Kajli Purnima)

Kajari Purnima 2013, Kajari Purnima 2013 date, when is Kajari Purnima in 2013? Kajari Purnima or Kajri Purnima, also known as Kajili Poornima or Kajli Poornima, is observed on the same day as Raksha Bandhan or Shravan Purnima. In 2013, Kajari Purnima date is August 21. Kajari Purnima is celebrated in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Uttar Pradesh. […]

Purnima August 2013 date, Time of Full Moon in August 2013

Here are the date and time of Purnima in August 2013. Full Moon or Purnima tithi in August 2013 is known as Shravan Purnima, Poornima in Shravan month. This Purnima is also celebrated as Rakshabandhan Festival. August 20/21, 2013: Shravan Purnima It begins at 10.19 AM on 20th August and ends at 7.11 AM on […]

Rakhi Festival 2013, Raksha Bandhan Festival 2013 date

Rakhi festival or Raksha Bandhan celebrated the eternal love and affection of brother and sister. Raksha Bandhan 2013 or Rakhi festival 2013 date is August 20. Rakhi Pournami festival is celebrated on Shravan Purnima (Full Moon day during Shravan month). In Hinduism, many festivals are associated with this concept but, Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi festival […]

Lord Hayagriva giving Vedas to BrahmaLord Hayagriva giving Vedas to Brahma

Hayagriva Jayanti 2013, Lord Hayagreeva Jayanthi

Hayagriva Jayanti or Hayagreeva Jayanthi, also known as Hayagriva Uthpaththi, is the day to celebrate the birthday of Lord Hayagriva, the god of wisdom and knowledge as per Hinduism. In 2013, Hayagriva Jayanti date is August 20. Hayagreeva Jayanti falls on the Full moon day in Shravan month, Shravan Purnima. Lord Hayagreeva is also worsipped […]