Pattiseema Veerabhadra Swamy Temple near Rajahmundry – Pancha Kashi Kshetram

Pattiseema Veerabhadra Swamy Temple is one of the famous Shiva Temples in Andhra Pradesh. Pattiseema, also known as Pattasadri or Pattisa or Pattisachalam, near Rajahmundry in West Godavari is not only famous for natural beauty but also for Pattiseema veerabhadra kshetram. The temple is located on a hill in the middle of the Godavari River […]

Draksharamam Temple Contact details

Here are the contact details of Draksharamam Temple. Draksharamam is a Shiva Temple and Astadasha Shakti Peetha Temple. Bhimeshwara Swamy Temple is one the popular Shiva Temple in Andhra Pradesh and Manikyamba Temple is one of the 18 ancient Shakti Peetha Temples. Draksharamam Temple Contact details – the phone numbers and postal address details of […]

Mahanandi Temple | Mahanandi Shiva Temple | Mahanandiswara Swamy Temple

Mahanandi is a village located east of the Nallamala Hills in Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh, India. It is a picturesque village surrounded by thick forests. Within 15 km of Mahanandi, there are nine Nandi shrines known as Nava Nandis. Mahanandi is one of the Nava Nandis. The Mahanandiswara Swamy Temple, an important shrine, is located here. […]

Story of Chejerla Kapotheswara Swamy Temple (Sthala Puranam)

Chejerla Kapotheswara Swamy Temple of Guntur district in Andhra Pradesh is probably the only temple in India dedicated to Lord Siva as Kapotheswara. The deity is in Lingakara. Siva is here represented as Kapotheswara, who gave a portion of his own body in order to save a pigeon that took refuge with him. The story […]

Chebrolu Temple: Chaturmukha Brahmalingeshwara Swamy Temple in Chebrolu, Guntur

Chebrolu Chaturmukha Brahmalingeshwara swamy Temple

Chebrolu Temple (Chebrolu Chaturmukha Brahmalingeshwara Swamy Temple) is one of the famous Shiva Temples in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. It is also considered as one of the oldest temples in the state. Chebrolu has more than 100 temples of great historical importance, the famous Chaturmukha Brahma Lingeshwara Temple, is a temple dedicated to Lord […]

How to Reach Bhimavaram Someshwara Swamy Temple

Devotees and pilgrims visit Bhimavaram for several reasons. Being one of the historical and tourist towns in Andhra Pradesh in Southern India, Bhimavaram reasonably well connected by road, rail and air. One of the main religious attractive centres is Sri Uma Someshwara Janardhana Swamy temple. The town is located about 270 kms from Vishakhapatnam, 425 […]

Kalabhairava Swamy Temples in Andhra Pradesh

Here is the list of Kalabhairava Swamy Temples in Andhra Pradesh. Bhairava sela or Bayyanna sela, Kala Bhairava in Mruthyujaya Swamy Temple, Naga Bhirava Kona and Sri Kalabhairava Swamy Temple are the famous Kalabhairava Swamy Temples in Andhra Pradesh.. Here are the full details of the temples… Bhairava sela or Bayyanna sela in Srisailam in Andhrapradesh Kala […]

Chejerla Temple: Kapotheswara Temple in Chejerla, Guntur

Chejerla Temple, Kapotheswara Swamy Temple in Chejerla, is a famous Shiva Temple in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. Chejerla Temple is located at a distance of 24 Kms from Narasaraopet town. Chejerla Kapotheswara Swamy Temple is probably the only temple in India dedicated to Lord Siva as Kapotheswara. The deity is in Lingakara. Siva is here […]

List of popular Shiva Temples in South India

lord shiva

Shivarathri is the most popular festival in South India. Devotees and pilgrims visit on this auspicious day to popular Shiva temple. Here is the List of popular and ancient Shiva temples that are located in Southern part of India. In the state of Tamil nadu are located Airavatesvara Temple at Darasuram, in Thanjavur District, Rockfort […]

Jharasangam Temple (Kethaki Sangameshwara Swamy Temple, Jharasangam), Medak district

Jharasangam Shiva Temple (Jharasangam Kethaki Sangameshwara Temple) is an ancient Shiva temple located at Jharasangam village near Zaheerabad in Medak district of Andhra Pradesh. As per the legends, the Shivalingam of Jharasangam temple is said to have been installed by Lord Brahma. The story or the Sthala Puranam of Jharasangam Kethaki Sangameshwara Aalayam dates back […]