Mantras for Delayed Marriages (Shighra Vivaha Mantras)

Here are the Mantras for Delayed Marriages (Shighra Vivaha Mantras). The first mantra is to be chanted by Kanya (unmarried girl) herself and the second mantra can be chanted by girl’s mother. Mantra to be chanted by the Girl || OM KLEEM HREEM MATANGI PHAT SWAHA || The above mantra should be chanted for 40 days, […]

Solutions for Late Marriage (Shighra Vivah ke Upay)

Here is the list of solutions for late Marriage (Shighra Vivah ke Upay).. Solutions for Kanya (To be followed by unmarried girl) 1. Put a bit of turmeric (haldi) in water and take bath with that water. This should be done on the first Thursday in Shukla Paksha of any month. 2. Put water, Gangajal and turmeric […]