Makar Sankranti Puja 2017 time | Sankranti Pooja Muhurat 2017

Makar Sankranti Puja 2017 time, sankranti pooja muhurat 2017 is given here. Makar Sankranti puja – observing oil bath; preparing special recipe (Kheer / Khichdi), and offering naivedya to Lord Surya (other Gods – Shiva Parvati / Lakshmi Narayan), will be based on shubh muhurat. Surya Bhagavan enters into Capricron (Makara rashi) on 14 January […]

Pongal 2017 Puja Time | Thai Pongal Pooja Muhurtham 2017

Pongal 2017 Puja Time, Thai Pongal Pooja Muhurtham 2017… Pongal is the biggest festival in Tamil Nadu. It is celebrated for 4 days. Pongal Puja time in 2017 or Pongal Pooja Muhurtham is given here according to the standard Tamil calendars and the Tamil astrology basics. Pongal date is 14 January in 2017. The auspicious muhurtham […]

Surya Pongal 2017, Second day of Pongal in Tamil Nadu

Surya Pongal is the second day of four-day Pongal festival in Tamil Nadu. In 2017, Surya Pongal date is January 14. As the name suggests, the festival is dedicated to Surya or Sun God. Surya Pongal is celebrated as Makar Sankranti in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and North Indian states. This is also the first day […]