Magh Navratri 2017 | Magha Navaratri dates

Magh Navratri or Magha Navaratri is observed in the Shukla Paksha during Magha maas or Magh month.  Magh Navratri is called as Gupt Navratri. In 2017, Magh Navratri begins on January 28 and ends on February 5. This festival is dedicated to Goddess Shakti and each form of the Goddess is worshipped on each day. In […]

Navarathri at Mangalore Mangaladevi Temple

Mangalore Mangaladevi Temple in Karnataka is one of the jubilant Navarathri celebrations in India. In 2017, Navarathri at Mahathobhara Shri Mangaladevi Temple begins on 21 September and will end on September 30. During Lalitha Panchami, Mahanavami Rathotsava and Vijayadashami Vidyarambha rituals, a large number of devotees throng the temple and offer their worship to the Goddess. […]

Theppotsavam: Vijayadashami Utsavam during Navaratras in Kanakadurga Temple Vijayawada

Theppotsavam is the main ritual performed on Vijayadasami or Dasara during Navaratras in Kanakadurga temple, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. It is the concluding event of Durga Navaratras in Durga Malleshwara Swamy Devasthanam. In 2016, Teppotsavam date is October 11. The presiding Deity of the temple, Kanakadurga Ammavasru along with Malleshwara Swamyvaru, is taken for a sail […]

Simollanghan: Dasara ritual in Maharashtra

Simollanghan is a ritual performed on Dasara or Viajaya Dashami day in Maharashtra. Dasara is the final day during Durga Navaratri. Simollanghan 2016 date is October 11.. Simollanghan is crossing the border or frontier of a village or a place. In ancient times, kings used to cross the frontier of their kingdom to fight against their rivals […]

Dasara SMS wishes, greetings in English (For mobile phone & Email)

Here are few Dasara (Dussehra) SMS wishes, greetings in English for mobile phone and email. “As a candlelight flame ur life may always be happy, As the mountain high you move without shy, As sunshine creates morning glory fragrance fills years as flory, As darkness is far away as light is on its way. Wishing […]

Aparajita Puja 2017

Durga Mata

Aparajita Puja is observed on Vijayadashami (Dussehra) during Navratri Durga Puja. In 2017, Aparajita Puja date is September 30. ‘Aparajita’ means the one who is unbeatable. It falls on Dashami in Shukla Paksha Ashwin Month. Aparajitha Devi is not a manifestation of Goddess Durga but a form which symbolizes the victory of the Goddess over demons. […]

Mahanavami Alankaram in Vijayawada Temple Navaratri 2016

mahishasura mardini durga

For 10 October 2016, Mahanavami Alankaram in Vijayawada Temple for Navaratri is – Mahishasuramardhini Devi. It is the 10th day Alankaram in Vijayawada Dasara Navaratri. During Dasara Sharan Navaratri of Kanakadurga Temple, each day one of the forms of Goddess Durga is worshipped. On tenth day this year, Kanakadurga Mata is decorated in the forms of Sri Mahishasura Mardhini Devi and worshipped. This […]

Mahanavami Upvaas 2016

Mahanavami Upvaas is one of the customary fasting day for those who observe Navratri Vrat. In 2016, Mahanavami Upvaas date is October 10. Last year, Mahashtami Upavaas and Mahanavami Upvaas fall on the same day. On Mahanavami Upvaas day in 2016, Astra Puja (Ayudha Puja), Saraswati Poojan, Bhadrakali Avataar,  Mata Siddhidhatri Puja as a part of Navadurga Alankarams & Mahishasura […]

Hayagriva Puja on Mahanavami during Navratri

Hayagriva Swamy

Hayagriva Puja is observed on Mahanavami day in Navratri. The ninth day of Navaratri, Lord Hayagriva (Horse-headed incarnation of Lord Vishnu) is worshipped in many places of India, especially in South India. In 2016, Mahanavami Hayagriva Puja date is October 10. Hayagriva Swamy is the Lord of wisdom and knowledge. Mahanavami is the day of […]

Mahanavami 2016 (Maha Navami Puja during Durga Navratri)

Mahanavami is the culmination day of Navratri. It falls on ninth day of Navratri in Ashwin Month. Mahanavami is celebrated on Ashwin Shukla Paksha Navami, the ninth day of Durga Navratri. In 2016, Mahanavami date is October 10. Maha Navami is the last day of 9-day festival, Sharad Navaratri. As per Hindu beliefs, Durga puja […]