Purnima, 7 February 2012

Today, 7 February 2012 is Purnima (Full Moon day in Hinduism). It is Magha Purnima and marks the end of Magh Month in North Indian Hindi calendars. Magh purnima is also celebrated as Thai Pournami in Tamil Nadu and Pournami in Makara Masam as per Malayalam calendar. Purnima in February 2012 begins at 4.48 AM […]

Purnima 2012 dates, Poornima in 2012 or List of Full Moon day dates in 2012

Here is the Purnima 2012 dates or Purnima calendar 2012. Purnima or Pournami or Poornima, is the Full Moon day in Hindu calendar. Purnima day is known for its spiritual importance and significance. Click here to read on Purnima 2013 dates. In 2012, there are 13 Purnima, 2 full moon days in August. There is […]