Garia Puja during Chaitra Month, Baisakh Month in Tripura

Garia Puja is traditional tribal festival celebrated in Tripura during Chaitra month and Baisakh month. It is the one of the major festivals of the state. Garia Puja is dedicated to worship tribal God ‘Garia, the deity of livestock and wealth. This puja is mainly observed by Jhumias – people who follow jhum cultivation on […]

Chitragupta Puja 2017 | Chitragupt Pooja on Chaitra Purnima

Chitragupta Puja is observed on Chaitra Purnima, the Full Moon day in Chaitra month. It is one of the big festivals for Kayasta sect of people. In 2017, Chaitra Purnima Chitragupta Puja date is April 11. Chitragupt is believed to be the accountant or record keeper of Lord Yamas register Agra-Sandhaani. On Chaitra Purnima day, […]

Ganesha Damana Puja | Damanak Chaturthi

Ganesha Damana Puja (Damanak Chaturthi) is observed on the fourth day of Chaitra month in Amavasyant calendars. In 2017, Damanak Chaturthi or Ganesha Damana Puja date is March 31 (Chaitra Shukla Chaturthi). It is mainly observed in Andhra Pradesh and some parts of Karnataka & Maharashtra. Lord Ganesha is worshipped with Damana (Dhavanam: botanical name – […]

Damanak Chaturdashi 2017, Damanaka Chaturdashi

Damanak Chaturdashi is an auspicious day dedicated to Lord Jagannath of Puri. It is celebrated on Shukla Paksha Chaturdasi in Chaitra month. In 2017, Damanak Chaturdasi date is April 10. This festival is celebrated with fervor in Puri Jagannath temple. As per the legend, Lord Jagannath worn Dayana leaves to his hand by forcibly taking […]

Gangaur 2017, Gangaur festival in Rajasthan, Ganagauri Vrat

Gangaur is a festival of women celebrated during Chaitra Month especially in Rajasthan. Gangaur festival begins on the first day in Chaitra month continues till the fourth day in Shukla Paksha or bright half of Chaitra month. ‘Gan means Lord Shiva and ‘Gauri is Goddess Parvati. In 2017, Gangaur Tritiya date is March 30. Gangaur […]

Nav Varsh 2017, Hindi New Year 2017

Nav Varsh is the Hindu New Year in calendars followed in Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Haryana, and Maharashtra. In 2017, Nav Varsh date is March 28. It is observed on Chaitra Shukla Pratipada, the day after Amavasya in Chaitra month. As per the traditional Vikram Samvat calendar, it is […]

Ugadi 2017, Yugadi date in 2017, Telugu & Kannada New Year 2017

Ugadi (Yugadi) is the Telugu New year and Kannada New year. In 2017, Ugadi date is 28 March. Ugadi 2017 marks the beginning of Sri Hemalamba nama Samvatsara (Hevilambi Nama Samvatsaram) in Hindu Panchangam. According to some calendars, 29 March is marked as Ugadi in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana. Ugadi or Yugadi means the beginning of […]

Chaitra Masa 2017 in Kannada Panchagam

Chaitra month or Chaitra masa is the first month in Hindu calendar or Hindu Panchangam. In Kannada Panchangam for Karnataka Chiatra masa 2017 starts on March 28 and ends on April 26. Chaitra month falls in March – April as per Gregorian calendar.  Similar dates are applicable to Marathi, Gujarati, and Telugu Panchangam. According to Hinduism, on […]

Bhavani Jayanti 2017 | Bhavani Ashtami in Chaitra Navratri

Bhavani Jayanti, also known as Bhavani Ashtami, is an auspicious day dedicated to Goddess Bhavani. It is observed on Chaitra Shukla Astami, eighth day in bright half of Chaitra Month. In 2017, Bhavani Jayanti date is April 4. Bhavani Ashtami is also celebrated as Chaitra Navratri Durgashtami, and Ashokashtami in other parts of India. Bhavani […]

Ashokastami 2017 | Ashokashtami during Basant Navratri

Ashokastami or Ashok Ashtami festival is observed on Chaitra Shukla Ashtami day on which Durgashtami is also observed during Basant Navratri. In 2017, Ashokastami date is April 4. This festival is mainly celebrated in Orissa, Bengal, Tripura and some other parts of Eastern India. Ashokastami festival is celebrated with utmost gaiety and much pomp in […]