Ashad Month good or bad?

Ashad Month good or bad? If you any fears, doubts, superstitions on Ashada Month, read this article. If can give you brief idea about Ashada Month, Hindu calendar’s fourth month. According to North Indian Hindi, Telugu, Kannada and Marathi calendars, Ashada Month is 4th Month. And in Gujarati Panchang, Ashada Month is 9th month. All […]

Can we change house in Ashadam Masam (House Shifting)

Can we change house in Ashadam Masam? This is a user submitted query in Actually, we cannot shift to new house in Ashada Masam since it is considered as an inauspicious month for any auspicious event like Gruhapravesham, marriage, upanayanam, etc.. Some compulsory events like Cradle Ceremony (Namakaranama – Naming ceremony or 21st day […]

Ashada Masam 2014 in Telugu Calendar, Ashadamasam 2014 dates

Ashada masam or Ashadh month is the 4th month in Telugu calendar of Andhra Pradesh. In 2014, Ashada masam starts on June 28 and ends on July 26 as per the Telugu Panchangam. Similar dates are observed as Ashada masa in Kannada, Marathi, and Gujarat Amavasyant Chandramana Panchanga. Ashada maasam is considered as inauspicious for […]

Ashada Masam importance, Why Ashad month is inauspicious?

What is the importance or significance of Ashada masam? Why Ashad month considered inauspicious? This article gives brief details and information about Ashada masam. Ashada masam or Ashad month, also corresponds and coincides with Aadi Masam or Aadi month in Tamil calendar, is considered as inauspicious in Hindu Astrology. Significance of Ashada Masam in Telugu […]

Why People put Mehandi designs in Ashada Masam (Gorintaku / Maidaku)

Ashada Masam Mehandi designs

People apply Mehndi designs on their hands and feet in Ashad month in many places of India. Mainly in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka is is considered compulsory to have Mehndi designs on the palms of women. The main reason behind is to get rid of the effects of climate changes that may occur in this month (June […]

Ashada Maasa 2014 in Kannada Panchangam

Ashada Maasa or Ashada month is the 4th month in Kannada calendar of Karnataka. In 2014, Ashada maasa begins on June 28 and ends on July 26. It is considered inauspicious for auspicious programs like marriages, gruhapravesham, Upanayanam, Annaprasana, Garbhadaana, etc. Puri Jagannatha Ratha Yatra, Prathama Ekadashi (Tholi Ekadashi / Shayana Ekadashi), Chaturmasa vratha, Guru Purnima, […]

Ashad Month 2014 (Ashada Masam, Ashad Maas) dates in 2014

Ashad Month 2014, Ashad Month 2014 dates, Ashada Maas 2014, Ashada Maas 2014 dates. When is Ashada Month begins in 2014, Ashada Month ends in 2014? Ashad month or Ashada masam or Ashad maas or Ashada mahina is the 4th month in traditional lunar calendar followed in North India, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. In 2014, Ashad month begins […]

Ashada Masam begins, 9 July 2013

Tomorrow, 9 July 2013 Ashada Masam begins in Telugu, Kannada, Marathi & Gujarati calendars. According to North Indian Hindi calendars, Ashada Month has begun on June 24 and will end on July 22. Ashada Masam is considered inauspicious and be omitted for auspicious events like marriage, gruhapravesham, shankhusthapana, bhumipuja, upanayanam, engagement ceremony (Nischithartham), etc.. It […]

Significance of Ashada Masam (in Telugu)

Here is the Significance of Ashada Masam in Telugu. Ashada Masam Vishishtatha, Mahatmya, visheshalu are explained here in Telugu… ఆషాఢమాసాన్ని శూన్యమాసం అన్నారు. అందువల్ల వివాహాది శుభకార్యాలు చేయరు. కానీ ఈ మాసంలో అనేక పర్వదినాలు ఉన్నాయి. ఆషాఢ శుద్ధ ఏకాదశి విష్ణు ఆరాధనకు అత్యంత ముఖ్యమైన తిధి. దీనికి తొలి ఏకాదశి అని పేరు. ఇక్కడి నుంచి ఇక వారానికి, ప్రతి 15 రోజులకొకసారైనా ఏదో ఒక పండుగ/వ్రతం/పూజ […]