Surya Grahan / Chandra Grahan: Grass Blades & Stored Water: Scientific Reasons behind Hindu Rituals during Solar / Lunar Eclipse

There are some rituals and traditionsin Hinduism that Surya Grahan or Chandra Grahanwill show some bad effects on Earth and its living world. It is a proven fact. But what about certain aachar (rituals) followed by Hindu people during Grahan? Is there any scientific reason behind the aachars at the time of Grahan?

Why one should avoid drinking stored water during Surya or Chandra Grahan?

During Surya Grahan and Chandra Grahan, one should not drink stored water. During a Sampoorn Surya Grahan (Total Solar Eclipse), Division of Environmental Biology of Vikram Sarabhai Research Centre with the association of S.N. Hospitals, proved that purity of the water was reduced after Grahan. They have researched it for few days and analyzed the results of water before Grahan and the same water after the Grahan.

Why Grass Blades or Durva are kept on food and water during Surya Grahan or Chandra Grahan?

Grass blades (Durva or Garika or Darbha) are kept on stored water and food during the time Grahan. It is not a blind ritual. Its proven scientifically that Grass blades purify the water more than Tulsi (Ocimum) leaves can during Grahanam. Grass blades have immense purifying power. This is the main reason why grass blades are kept on stored water and food like pickles.

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  1. Priyaank says:

    surya grahan 2013 dates and time in india in hindi

  2. Nawal says:

    can we eat and drink during or after chandra grahan

  3. Shivangi says:

    can pregnant women drink water during chand grahan

  4. Suvali says:

    why chandra grahan is harmful give scientific reasons

  5. Jagvi says:

    logic behind hindu rituals for chandra grahan facts

  6. Tulika says:

    wat to do in chandra grahan 2013 for mesh

  7. Kamboj says:

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  8. Neelambuj says:

    placing a type of grass in water during lunar eclipse

  9. Jagatveer says:

    details of surya grahan and chandra grahan time

  10. Pinakin says:

    chandra grahan when it is and what are the ristrictions

  11. Nishtha says:

    chandra grahan in 2013 in india in hindi

  12. Saurjyesh says:

    why grass is kept in kitchen at the time of eclipse

  13. Vasudev says:

    chandra grahana for time of restriction of fooding

  14. Akshita says:

    bad effect of surya chandra grahan by lal kitab

  15. Hamsini says:

    having a baby during a lunar eclipse 2013

  16. Gadhadhar says:

    surya and chandra grahan in 2013 as per hindu calendar

  17. Chandana says:

    Anyone who want to test it, can take an x ray with darba in hand and see the scientific reason why it is used.

    It is observed to absorb 60% of the radiation.

  18. venmathi says:

    Please have your belief in it but do not rationalise it or give
    a scientific tinge to it. It shows your lack of confidence in
    explaining things. Please think over. If not it is pseudo science.

  19. lax says:

    Yes. There has been always a lot of confusion whether to believe or look for logical and proven reasons. but as many as people I encountered with a cleft lip, were attributed to one or the other eclipse. Since we were given scientific reasons for so many of our traditional practices, we are bound to believe and you are not losing any thing y believing may lose if you don’t. still in confusion………..

  20. t s shreedhararao says:

    i agree with Naima. i want to know the address of Dr Aparna Saxena who conducted the above mentioned tests on rats. In which country and which association has conducted the test and proved that grass blades purify the water more than Tulsi leaves. Please tell the facts with foolproof scientific evidence…


      Namaste Shreedhara rao garu,

      We are trying to collect all required information about Grahanam rituals and scientific reasons behind those rituals……. We will publish the details in near future… Thanks for browsing Hindupad.

  21. suma says:

    This is the great gifts our Maharshis left us, giving us a solution to every possible difficulty we might face from the nature. There is a reason behind every ritual a Hindu performs. I will not agree to call it as Superstition.
    Eclipse releases X-rays that can harm pregnant women. If we ever go for a health check-up, before taking the X-ray, people would ask if the woman is pregnant.
    THIS X-RAYS WILL HARM PREGNANT WOMAN,This is what our Indian saints and Maharshis, noticed at the time when there were no scientific instruments, telescopes or something. We should feel proud to be born in such a land, but not feel like “HIGH TIME PPL EDUCATE AGAINST SUPERSTITION”.

  22. Naima says:

    why is grass blade not used as purifier, if it has proven skills to purify. All of these are somewhat misleading, none of the studies have links and citations to actual study.
    There is no link to who Dr. Aparna Saxena is, simply having names is not enough and whether her study was published.
    I want to ask her, if after ninth month there was an eclipse and the size of the baby was reduced.
    I can cite a number of detailed studies that prove that solar and lunar eclipse cannot cause any harm to anyone, except for the eyes if you really look at it. But in any case, if you look at the sun whether there is an eclipse or not, it can damage eyes.
    Eclipse is caused due to a shadow and I cant really understand how this shadow can affect the size of a baby, cause cleft lip etc. Because of such misleading people, there is so much ignorance and superstition. It is high time people educate themselves against such superstition.